Florian Bachelier – Non-forfeiture of responsibilities - The Point

"Almost always, the responsibility gives to the man of greatness," wrote Stefan Zweig. More than ever, this beautiful word of responsibility must have core va

Florian Bachelier – Non-forfeiture of responsibilities - The Point

"Almost always, the responsibility gives to the man of greatness," wrote Stefan Zweig. More than ever, this beautiful word of responsibility must have core value in this event history, in this moment that jolts us all, individually and collectively. The liability has two sisters, the freedom and the confidence.

For an elected official, to be responsible, it is literally " have to respond ". His decisions, his word and his action. It is at once to assume and to be accountable. And to those in whose service he is engaged in.

The upheaval we are going through puts all elected officials, all public officials, national and local, current and previous, at the foot of this wall. I won't mention here, for nostalgia's dress, the wall of judicial accountability. No, I want to talk about the political responsibility that all the elect, all those who have made the choice of commitment to the service of the general interest, are collectively, not as a burden but as an honor.

Assume its positions

Nobody in the world knows if we will find our lives. On the other hand, what I think I know, is that, if, in this great shaking, all the elect do not hoist to the level of their responsibilities and the mobilization of the nation, then no, we don't get lost these lives-there.

And even, some days, when a group of senators takes, for example, the decision to refrain from taking a decision, when some seek to escape their own responsibility by instructing the trial of those of the other, when the reflexes quarrelsome come to divide rather than to heal, when others, finally, remain becalmed in their shops in the vice and the virtue, when the féodalités wake up or when the caste protect, each one may have the temptation to doze her spine. But being a public authority, it is force yourself to be worthy of our veterans and our dead.

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to Be elected, yes, it is, assume its positions and, therefore, also analyze the errors, his own before those of others, not for trial, but to correct the action.

Tomorrow, we will have to watch carefully to everything that the public power has beautifully realized, and all that it has been less accomplished in the past decades, compare with our country friends, and at the end propose a direction to the French. One of the keys will undoubtedly be to act responsibility and to prepare for the future.

Out of the infantilisation reciprocally granted and blamed,

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When nobody knows how to explain at what level, precisely, is taken and is assumed a decision, we need to correct. When good decisions become bad decisions because they are made with a delay, we need to correct. When the skills, funding, the responsibilities are not clear and readable for any citizen, we need to correct. When decisions are made too far away from the French or too remote from the general interest, we need to correct.

When more than half of the dead of Covid-19 are enumerated in facilities designed to accommodate and support our seniors, we need to correct.


the drama of The long-term care facilities will necessarily be, for example, the question of the relevance of the departmental councils and of the ARS. It will also be time to rethink the regionalization of all or part of the health challenge, the reconquest of our national sovereignty in food, industrial, or digital, or that of our strategic autonomy and, through this, the relevant level of responsibilities.

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It will take us, finally, to say clearly who precisely is responsible for what. And out with a concrete report often ambiguous to the State, sometimes bordering on a form of infantilization reciprocally granted and blamed.

I believe for my part in a republican State strong takes to the sides of the regions and local governments that are free that also assume.

In this cultural revolution of responsibility, I hope that, beyond our political beliefs, we are successful, all of the elect, and I mean all of the elect, to show the example and to present to the French who are fighting the face of the unit and the responsibility.

* Florian Bachelier is a member of The Republic of Ille-et-Vilaine. First quaestor, he is in charge of the budget of the national Assembly.

writing will advise you

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