Fires, recalls, sell-stops: Many electric cars and Hybrids to have children's diseases

"risk of fire - do not load." A sentence that is just left in the past few months, more frequently by the press. Background of the alert: technical problems w

Fires, recalls, sell-stops: Many electric cars and Hybrids to have children's diseases

"risk of fire - do not load." A sentence that is just left in the past few months, more frequently by the press. Background of the alert: technical problems with the batteries of Plug-In hybrids for various vehicle manufacturers.

The risk of fire in electric cars and Plug-In hybrids is getting back into focus. Although the data show that the risk of fire in case of E-cars is probably greater than for gasoline vehicles . But: the list of companies that have recently recalled vehicles because of a defect in the battery, to the drive or the charging system is long. the And it relates to almost all brands and manufacturers of these vehicles .

The long recall list of E-cars and Hybrid

Not always, but often, it is literally a fire-dangerous Defects. Some examples:

  • Ford : several times been pronounced to call for the Ford Kuga this year back. Of almost 33,000 vehicles affected: worldwide. Ford eventually had to impose a stop sale for the car.
  • General Motors : in the middle of November were in the world called the 66,000 vehicles by type Chevrolet Bolt back and front of the Charge warned. Also, the German sister model, the Opel Ampera-e is affected.
  • Audi : model "E-tron" came to call in the year 2019 back, shortly after the delivery of the car. Trigger a potentially faulty seal moisture into the battery system could short - circuit and danger of fire here, too. A few months ago a young woman in an electric-Audi ran after an accident, however, it is still unclear what the brand was exactly this cause; with the callback, it should have nothing to do.
  • BMW : Due to technical problems, the Munich thousands of Plug had to call back-In Hybrids.
  • Tesla : The Americans have adapted in the past year, after several deadly fire accidents and individual cases of self-inflammation of the batteries in parked cars, the Software of the Model S. this also had an impact on performance and range. An exchange of the batteries themselves, Tesla is not deemed necessary.
  • street scooter : The Post according to research by FOCUS Online various problems with the technology of the E-Transporter , which also led to call-back.
  • Polestar : the still-young Volvo sister brand had to get their electricity shortly after the mark's introduction and again in the workshops. Apparently, voltage coolant next to the inverter, even in the high-heater problems. Was also affected, a test car of the car magazine "Auto Motor & Sport". The Tester described the case: "While a consumption of travel on the four-lane B10 is a error message in the Instrument cluster of the test car to hooked up suddenly, the car was delayed violent, was just at walking speed on the shoulder to steer, without other traffic crashed the participants in the stern."

in addition to the above-mentioned manufacturers, but also Mini, Renault or Hyundai electric and Plug back the called - In vehicles.

Often this is due to the Loading technique

in view of the strongly growing, but still manageable share of electric and hybrid cars on German roads, the Abundance of return indicates calls within a short period of time on children's diseases, the technology. Compared to FOCUS Online a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of transport, said: "Since the beginning of 2018, there were in the area of responsibility of the KBA 20 product recalls in connection with the high-voltage battery or the high-voltage system (cable, charging electronics, etc.)." US actress films, such as the Tesla of her husband in flames FOCUS Online/Glomex, an American actress, rises films, such as the Tesla of her husband in flames

rises in fact, it is either the batteries themselves - for example, faulty Welds or problems with the chargers, to make the Trouble. In the case of Ford Kugas, it was said, for example, that a plug-in connection of the battery may be damaged, making it could be a Overheating of the battery and an associated risk of fire. In front of a similar Background had to recently be at Chevrolet in the world 50.925 vehicles called back. Similar to last year, when the small electric car from Renault called the Zoe. Also have various BMW models were affected for the same reason - including the Plug-In Hybrids, the BMW X1 or 3-series Touring. dpa/Amstein+ Walthert Progress AG/Empa/dpa A battery module of an electric car developed at a fire, large quantities of soot, in the toxic metal oxides are.

"do Not Park in the vicinity of houses and garages,"

During the German authorities ' treatment of the topic tend to be discreet, you will not leave the American more clearly: "The cars in the vicinity of houses or garages" - that is, the US traffic authority NHTSA recommends that owners of at-risk cars. The authority has registered in connection with the Chevrolet five fires Bolt with a total of two injured. General Motors (GM) advised the owners of the Chevrolet EV Bolt, to limit the charging status of their vehicles to 90 percent in order to minimize the risk of fire. Due to the risk of fire: Now even the Koreans call an electric car back to the PCP Due to the danger of fire: Now even the Koreans call an electric car

the charging station insurance must be reported to the

but What happens when it comes to the domestic charging station to the fire? The insurance pays out in the case of subsequently installed the charging stations or wall boxes? A spokeswoman for the Alliance of insurance stated on the request by FOCUS Online that it was very important that the customer is the installation – or in the case of new insurances in the presence of the plant indicates. Because: Basically, the risk of Fire to raise any additional investment, of course . Daniel Knopp/dpa electric post car burned down in Herne batteries explode

wall boxes only from the professional to install

In the case of Allianz insurance, be it so, that this insurance will offer protection for all equipment that the customer operates within the framework of the statutory provisions (e.g. garage regulation), and he has stated in the context of the pre-contractual duty of disclosure. Accurate information about whether and how charging stations impact the insurance premiums, not the Alliance, but. In any case, buyers of the E-car should have an electrician check the house wiring are suitable for the Load, and a correspondingly secure Wallbox to install. Hammer-Stromer with Bunny teeth: BMW iX teeth in the first Check PCP Hammer-Stromer with a Rabbit: BMW iX in the first Check

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Date Of Update: 30 November 2020, 19:27