Exclusive survey: The electric car of the German tick differently, as the policy believes

The Federal government has just decided to promote electric vehicles, more - up to 9000 euros, buyers will get the biggest part of it, the taxpayer has to fork

Exclusive survey: The electric car of the German tick differently, as the policy believes

The Federal government has just decided to promote electric vehicles, more - up to 9000 euros, buyers will get the biggest part of it, the taxpayer has to fork out. But it seems to play in the purchase decision, apparently, not a big role. And when it comes to what engine type to view the Germans as being particularly environmentally friendly, it looks for the E-car with a battery is not so good. At the very top of hydrogen, followed by petrol engines while the Diesel completely at the bottom is.

Diesel is the environmental Image below

showing a representative YouGov survey, which was Germany's largest car market Mobile.de exclusively for FOCUS Online, among 1014 women and men perform. Also to the hotly debated Plug-In hybrids, git it interesting results. As the German E-car, in the new eco-premium and the car ticking purchase really - FOCUS Online shows the results.

1. Electric? Women prefer gasoline

a matter of fact, in this country, only one in eight (12.6 percent) Favor at pure Wander. In the case of hybrids, it is after all, one in six (16.0 percent). Every third (36.9 percent), however, would prefer buying a car with a gasoline engine.

A recent online survey of car clubs "Mobil in Deutschland" resulted in even more skepticism about Streamers. The 18,000 motorists and motorists have tuned in and your desire to drive for your new vehicle. Mobile in Germany

"The result of the poll is clear," says club President Michael Haberland, "a clear' Yes ' to the burners. For 55.2 percent voted for the Diesel, 43.2 percent for the gasoline engine and only 1.6 percent for the electric car. Obviously, the promised bonus does not move, the German motorists to your burners against an electric-vehicle trade-ins. More sensible would it have been like to decide on a purchase premium for gas engines of the latest generations," says Haberland. Was it for gas? Tesla's new miracle battery Was supposed to create 1.6 million kilometres of PCP's for nitro? Tesla's new miracle battery shows 1.6 million kilometers create

to an existing setting to electric cars, the increase in the purchase of premium does not appear to change nothing Fundamental, but also the representative Mobile.de survey: 61.3% are also with state funding not be willing to buy a E-car. "Surprisingly, especially among the female respondents, the combustion is popular engine. Every second (52.8%) women would opt preferably for a gasoline or Diesel," report the analysts of Mobile.de.

Mobile.de hydrogen hold the majority of the Germans for the most environmentally friendly type of engine

2. Which car has the best environmental Image?

it is Not only since recent studies on the CO2 balance of the Streamers, it is clear that the "zero-emission" electric car is a fairy tale . But what type of drive to keep the Germans are really the most eco-friendly? Interestingly, the differ here the views of the respondents clearly from the above-mentioned purchase intentions.

  • hydrogen is the clear favorite, with 29 percent. Especially in the case of men, the drive has its Fans, although only a very few production models exist such as the Toyota Mirai or Hyundai Nexo.
  • number two economical diesel maneuvering . Here, too, there is an interesting difference: With 18 percent, twice as many women as men, and gasoline almost for a particularly ecological means of propulsion.
  • Only at rank Three, the battery-electric car (13.7 percent), followed by hybrid vehicles (10.7 percent).
  • All the work for the perception of the people, however, apparently, the questionable Anti-Diesel campaigns by lobby associations such as the "Deutsche umwelthilfe" done: Although modern self-igniter is very economical and clean, holding only 7.8 percent of the respondents also use it for the most eco-friendly drive. This is all the more remarkable, as there is always a relatively many car buyers have a Diesel on the shopping list. Mobile.de a plug-in Hybrid for German drivers in the shortlist? That depends entirely on the requirements

Only from the natural gas drive, the respondents keep less than from the Diesel. This is not without a certain irony, because eco-balance studies, such as the ADAC Ecotest, or the Eco-list of the traffic club Germany (VCD) attest to the natural gas drive, the bottom line is that the best balance of Emissions.

Only every third, the environment is not important

it is Remarkable that almost 19 percent of the respondents – the women even every fourth Respondent – state that you can't know or judge which engine is the most the greener. Audi A6 in the Test: a Plug-in Hybrid Diesel - almost always PCP Audi A6 fails in the Test: a Plug-in Hybrid Diesel - almost always

fails Here, the theme plays in the purchase decision an important role. Around 60 percent of the respondents indicate that for them the protection of the environment when buying a car, has a very important or at least important meaning. The majority, however, remain realistic: With 43.2 percent, most people say that they "want to at least be low in emissions" on-the-go – the claim to be an "emission-free", only 17.3 percent. And: After all, almost every third of the respondents say that the subject of the environment when buying a car is less important or not important at all.

3. Plug-In Hybrid: the buyer interested, if the conditions are right

was Also determined in the Mobile.Survey the attitude of the Germans to Plug-In hybrids. Known to be in the criticism, because they achieve, in reality, only then the promised Mini-consumption, if they are charged regularly to the wall outlet, and not only with the built-in petrol - or diesel engine on the road. Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel

was Provided in the question, that a Plug-In car by buying bonuses cheaper to buy than a Diesel or gasoline, you can charge it but only rarely. The result: 44.7% of the respondents would not buy under these circumstances such a car. 17.7 percent would knock anyway, and a further 24.7 percent, would make it dependent on the appropriate Charging infrastructure is in place. After all, the Federal government seems to be on the right path, if you want to enable this Expansion, also due to Changes in the tenancy law,. Solutions there is also the practice of consumption. So, for example, a government grant or tax benefit of the Hybrid from the proof of a charge could be at home or at the employers.

4. In the case of electric cars, the brand is not so important

another question to electro-mobility should meanwhile prepare especially German manufacturers Worry, the lag in the case of this topic, in terms of product offering and technology behind competitors, such as Tesla afterwards. When asked about this, if you purchase an electric car for the brand would be important is not or less important answered more than 60 percent that the car brand would be the Stromer. Livestock man of The Airways U5 can rise to a maximum of 90 kw load

newcomers, such as Chinese electric providers, there are real opportunities on the market, if you offer a in comparison to German manufacturers cheaper car. An example of the Airways U5 from China: The electric SUV is from a German perspective, a No-Name product, but offers family-friendly space and modern amenities for about half the price and a must for an Audi e-tron on the table. "Mandate politically, they are nothing": Neubauer drives a fierce verbal attack against Merz, FOCUS Online/Wochit "mandate politically, they are nothing": Neubauer drives a fierce verbal attack against Merz

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Updated Date: 02 July 2020, 09:28

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