Ex-Audi Board of management: Tesla is ahead of the German manufacturers uncatchable

Mertens said in a Podcast of the magazine "Auto, Motor & Sport" on the electric-strategy of the German car maker and the success of Tesla. His conclusion is l

Ex-Audi Board of management: Tesla is ahead of the German manufacturers uncatchable

Mertens said in a Podcast of the magazine "Auto, Motor & Sport" on the electric-strategy of the German car maker and the success of Tesla. His conclusion is less flattering: The projection, the leading battery manufacturer in Lithium-ion batteries would no longer obtain. As a consequence, the manufacturer should change is your electric strategy. Try "now, the advantage of the Asians in the Lithium-ion battery to catch up, holding in Mertens for useful. The Lithium-ion battery have no long-term future, they had already arrived in the second half of their life cycle. The future is the solid battery that might have in 2025 or even before their breakthrough," says the "Auto, Motor & Sport". Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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"Because Europe needs to be clean," says Mertens. The car industry should not get bogged down right now with the current technology, but "the next step". In fact the EU is trying omissions of catching up to do. A new project by the name of ASTRABAT, funded by the European Union, is to help the development of solid-state batteries push. The Japanese car maker Toyota originally wanted to show a solid prototype at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Even if this Virus have been canceled due to the Corona -, to work at Toyota, hardworking and want to install the solid-battery in a new electric car platform. The first vehicles based on this platform, and could appear to 2023 on the European market. In the case of Lithium-ion batteries Tesla is currently number One, no other brand has developed the technology so far and tickles so high range out of the batteries.

Tesla is well ahead of - "the next step"

The former Audi Board of management Mertens is with his industry, meanwhile, is hard to court. The failures were attributable to the German manufacturer. All Know-how in battery technology in the whole of Europe was "only rudimentarily available." The reason, according to Mertens: "I think we all slept a little far", also suppliers and perhaps also the policy. "We have not taken the issue of battery seriously enough," explains Mertens more. Audi Audi E-Tron GT

This has now led to the fact that Europe can develop in the field, no real leg to stand on and is a danger to rely too much on Asia. Mertens is, however, not completely hopeless, that Europe could catch up to the distance yet. "The train is not left, but he has already built up a certain amount of speed." Now you must shift for themselves, in order to make the distance worthwhile. Was it for gas? Tesla's new miracle battery Was supposed to create 1.6 million kilometres of PCP's for nitro? Tesla's new miracle battery is expected to create 1.6 million kilometers

Tesla has followed, however, according to Mertens's view, so far, an excellent strategy. "What they did is really impressive in many ways. They have focused solely on electro-mobility, to have a better battery control system than any other competitor, with less than 6 percent cobalt in the battery. This is also the cost of rail is very important," the former Audi employee. SP-X/Gingrich New VW-brand for China: Jetta

Not everyone can be like Tesla

in view of the growing but still small market share of electric cars in many countries, he does not believe, however, that all manufacturers should now just focus on electric mobility. The calls are known to VW boss Herbert Diess. "The conventional car manufacturers need to keep their bread-and-Butter business is still alive. In the case of VW 600,000 people are employed. Since you can't just say: we cut now and build only electric cars," says Mertens.

First ride on the X2: What is the Mini-SUV from BMW? FOCUS Online First ride on the X2: What is the Mini-SUV from BMW?

BMW-in-chief: 50 percent electric by the year 2030

Also the Audi's competitor, BMW not anything on the electric card gives you, however, is of great importance. "We want to have electrified by the end of 2021, a quarter of our vehicles, 2023 until 2025 about one-third and by 2030, half of our entire fleet," said Zipse in an Interview with "Media Pioneer" by Gabor Steingart. BMW has been recognized with the models i3 and i8 in 2012, ahead of most other manufacturers, the electric Trend, in recent years, however, not consistently enough to be expanded. The electric sedan i4, to appear in 2021, comes much too late to the market. BMW has lost, especially in the USA, already many drivers of the 3 series, the Model 3 from Tesla. Fabian Church builders of the new BMW i4 will be available with driver assistance level 3 and 5G network

The Mini-SUV X2 BMW missed the opportunity to bring an electric Version, before the Tesla Model Y, or Hyundai Kona, the first City-ready E-SUV on the market. The X2 will only participate in a Plug-In hybrid version of the electric Trend. After all, he falls in Germany under the recently increased electric-funding premium for a Hybrid.

in fact, the example of China shows that e-Mobility is everything. Volkswagen has created there with the "Jetta" is a new brand, with great sales success for young first-time buyers responsive - because of the Name Jetta as a trade mark in China are very positive, and the sedans and SUV models are relatively inexpensive. But not electrically, but with conventional gasoline engines.

fuel-cell ambitions in China

China has selected the electric mobility as a significant, but not the only pillar of its drive strategy. Battery cars are limited - however, temporary and not very high - with the state of purchase premiums funded, in addition, the manufacturers of electrical goods must comply with quotas. But there are also new petrol will develop engines with micro-hybrid systems. And in Europe, many manufacturers have already written off hydrogen, so the combination of electric car and fuel cell, is being driven in China is advancing. The China manufacturers, FAW and Dongfeng with Toyota to cooperate now. The Chinese government wants to bring in this decade at least one Million hydrogen cars on the road. So far, there are only 5000. press-inform / Rivian Space and a free Hand for the body Designer: modern electric platform from the manufacturer Rivian

However, the hopes resting in the hydrogen is less in the car, but rather in the commercial vehicle and truck sector. In addition to the technical problems and the necessary establishment of the refuelling infrastructure, a hydrogen drive in the car the disadvantage that, in comparison to an electric platform very a lot of space is needed. While the E-car battery, E-motors and a couple of units to come, the hydrogen car big pressure tanks, a Turbo-compressor, the fuel cell, several aggregates and also a small buffer battery. This limits both the available passenger space of such cars as well as the freedom of the Designer.

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