Entry stop the US a threat to Swiss companies

the ban on The entry of the United States for Europeans might miss the Swiss export economy a severe shock. Because the USA is the second most important market

Entry stop the US a threat to Swiss companies

the ban on The entry of the United States for Europeans might miss the Swiss export economy a severe shock. Because the USA is the second most important market for Goods "made in Switzerland". Affected especially the pharmaceutical industry, smaller export-oriented companies and the Swiss tourism industry.

U.S. President Donald Trump has imposed on Wednesday evening for the suppression of Corona-crisis, a 30-day stop for Travel from Europe to the USA. Experts expect that in order for the air-traffic between the Schengen area and the United States comes to a Standstill. This is likely to restrict the important flow of goods that rely on air freight.

the head of The American-Swiss chamber of Commerce American chamber of Commerce, Martin Naville, expected by the surprisingly imposed a measure of a Dent for Switzerland. "America is the export driver of the Swiss economy. If the speed slows down or stops, it would hurt the export sector in the medium term, very much," he says.

In the past year, 14 percent of all Swiss exports to the country – with a value of 44 billion francs. Even more, Switzerland exported only to Germany – the Goods are a total of 48 billion francs in value. Among the Swiss export hits in its dealings with the U.S., pharmaceutical products, medical instruments and machines.

Many Swiss products are made in the USA

flown A large part of these goods will be delivered with the aircraft in the United States, says Naville. Only special cargo planes are not available; these were excluded from the measures taken by the US government. A lot of cargo will also be transported in the bellies of passenger aircraft. "If not fly, is the question of whether there is enough capacity for freight," says Naville.

alternatives – such as the marine holds the Amcham-chief for little suitable. "There's a good reason to transport these Goods with the plane. It comes to sensitive products in the pharmaceutical industry, which are expensive, and parts that need to be for the "Just-in-Time production" quickly on the spot," says Naville.

The economic research Institute KOF, with the lower freight capacity in passenger aircraft, notably in the pharmaceutical industry concerned, but also the watch industry as well as the airlines themselves.

Roche says the company is examining the impact of the entry stops. "The security of supply for patients with our medicines and diagnostics has top priority for us, we will do everything possible to ensure this."

, primarily smaller exporting companies are able to avoid suffering

According to the assessment of Naville large corporations with strong U.S. business relatively well with the entry stop. "Companies that are invested and capacity, professionals and production in place, can withstand a good month," he says. However, smaller companies often do not have their own branch there. The Swiss machine manufacturer to supply parts for the plants, which are then installed by professionals from Switzerland. You will now have to reckon with restrictions.

Also from the point of view of the industry Association for the mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industry, Swissmem, especially lower freight capacity in passenger aircraft is a Problem. "If the flights will be massively restricted, then some companies would probably have a Problem because they could not supply certain parts and components", says Swissmem spokesman. This in turn leads to problems at the customers place. "The longer the measures take, the more you will have," says the Swissmem spokesman.

Also, the Swiss tourism is expected to get the restrictions to feel. Because Americans, in their travels, often a lot of money in Switzerland – more than tourists from other countries. The favor of this purchase joyful clientele, Switzerland is obliged to fear no longer. "Since it is not a matter of a month. The summer is gone in order. Americans are now planning not to travel into contaminated areas. For the Swiss tourism industry, this is a disaster," says Naville.

Created: 12.03.2020, 19:14 PM

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 19:00

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