Emilie Brandt: 'I am an adult, well behaved and ADHD-affected’

few people will be happy to get to know that they suffer from something. Emilie Brandt is different. 'JUBIIII – I've got a diagnosis!!,' she wrote for a mo

Emilie Brandt: 'I am an adult, well behaved and ADHD-affected’

few people will be happy to get to know that they suffer from something. Emilie Brandt is different.

'JUBIIII – I've got a diagnosis!!,' she wrote for a month and a half ago on Facebook.

At the age of 47 years, she has been given letters, for what it is, who is with her.

"Many linking ADHD with little ones," spoiled boys. But you can also be well-behaved, adult and ADHD-affected," she says.

It took her psychiatrist 12 minutes to establish: 'It is not good enough – you have ADHD.'

Relief was the first, as the daughter of modeskaberne Margit and Erik Brandt is tagged. She knows that others have it harder to get a diagnosis.

"I don't feel that I am damaged goods. I am, as I am. It just means that there is a walk in the sun up here," she says and points to his forehead.

According to the Sundhedsdatastyrelsen had 21.040 children in 2016 ADHD, while 32.950 adults had the same.

No doubt, that there is speed in Emilie Brandt's head. While we're talking, when she is about to intercept a telephone message, turning incessantly at kaffekoppen, find gum – forward and bid, all the while the words fly from her as clay pigeons, which, with the rhythmic click is shot into the air.

"I'm talking like a waterfall, pills in things, are hectic and often get asked to turn down. It has made me a little shy."

Her psychiatrist has printed the drug Ritalin, which can dampen the activity in her head. She is looking forward to try it, but have not yet found the right occasion.

First we have the story of how she got the diagnosis. Emilie Brandt has always been bad to recognize people and remember faces.

"It annoys me, and it's not because I don't concentrate," she explained one day, a colleague. He replied: 'Well, Emilie, it's the ADHD...'

First laughed, she deprecating, but he held fast: 'really, seriously... I have children with ADHD, I know what it is.'

Then she went home, took a test on line and answered:

'Yes, I interrupt people and make their sentences finished."Yes, I take over others ' works."Yes, I am hugely tired in the evening.'

"I could recognize it all, and polished off with a 70 per cent. match and asked my doctor about being referred to a psychiatrist."

Emilie Brandt has always known that her brain works differently than others. The worst thing is that she often comes to to overstep others ' boundaries.

"I will be so sad when it happens. For I do not do it intentionally."

another sign is that she makes mistakes or skimp in tasks that do not interest her. But there are also positive sides Casinoslot of ADHD.

"When I'm doing what interests me, I can reach a lot more than others. I am in many ways a Duracell-rabbit."

Previously, she was a feature film, but need a high tempo and make today the commercials with 'short deadlines'.

"I have neither the concentration or immersion to write strategic presentations, but something must be finished – NOW land it on my table."

At parties, seeing people her 'as the wild and her dancing on the tables'.
"For it is hard for me to sit down or be in a longer conversation with people. I become restless, impatient and is not world champion in contemplation."

in return, she is often the first goes home, she burns out quickly.

She reads rarely a book finished, for there is always something else that interferes. She should just call, or wipe the table or responding to one of the thousand other thoughts that pops up in her head. As soon as a thought arises, she prefers to follow it, because otherwise, the 'standing and waiting'.

"People think that it is disrespectful. But for me it's like to have a straitjacket on, if I may not reply to a text immediately," she says, and drums with his fingers in the table to show how the internal taximeter is running, as soon as there is an unresolved issue in brain-the inbox.

She thinks the diagnosis fits perfectly on her as an adult, but are unsure about the fit on her as a child.

"I bed of nails, but could easily sit still on a chair," she remembers.

She was brought up strict, went to the Krebs' School, where that was demanded, but also had a wide margin at home. In the family, Brandt was there 'a high tempo. Maybe it was why she did not at that time perceived to be wrong, she wonders.

"But I was forgetful, distracted, clumsy and 'had land in his head', as my father always said."

When they meet in the day, he asks still:
"Have you thrown something away recently? Have you lost some of your gold bracelet? It is evidently deep in him, that I lost things."

It means that she is no more - lose thing. She and the publisher is constantly both keys, debit and telephone, but she finds it again.

"It is really important for me to make me trouble, for I do not like to feel wrong. Hence, it helps me now to be able to say that I have ADHD, when people get annoyed at me."

The first, she called, when she had received the reply from the psychiatrist, was the father of her children.

"We have had so many quarrels, because he thought that I took over and mixed me. He took it as a criticism of him, but I just couldn't let be. It was not on purpose."

"I do me best to fit in, but sometimes I can be exhausted by to make me care."

ADHD affects the brain belønningscenter. According to the ADHD-Forenigen medicate many with the diagnosis itself f.ex. with alcohol, drugs, games, or other, which gives an experience of immediate pleasure.

Emilie Brandt has never taken the pills. One single time has she tried to take the coke, but it told her nothing.

Now she has got printed Ritalin. It must get her brain to relax. She is looking forward to try, if it works. She will not take medicine every day, but hope that it occasionally may help her to concentrate a bit more.

"just Think, if it gave me a peace... but I know not what it is for an ro. For it I have never tried."

Date Of Update: 24 November 2019, 07:00