Electric power for the brand icon

Many of the volume manufacturers are now bringing their first electric car on the market. the Renault has a big advantage: Already in 2011, the French launche

Electric power for the brand icon

Many of the volume manufacturers are now bringing their first electric car on the market. the Renault has a big advantage: Already in 2011, the French launched the Fluence your first Stromer, who was of his time, however, a little advance. Two years later, the Zoe, which became the best-selling electric car in Europe, followed – in the meantime, the Bestseller in the third Generation is available.

The tiny Twizy, the roof of the Combi Kangoo E. Z. and the Transporter Master were added to the high e, and so the French people can already look back on a remarkable success story. "These models make use of far more than 250'000 PCs were produced," confirms sales chief Emmanuel Bouvier. And it should not remain. "Already this year we have half of our model range to be electrified and around the world, eight pure electric vehicles put on the market."

The engine remains in the rear

one Of them is a Small one with a big name. "The Twingo is a brand icon for Renault," says marketing Director Frédéric Clermont to a pre-presentation in a small frame. 3.75 million units were sold of the small car since its launch in 1992 – because it is obvious that he comes now also with electric motor on the market.

"The Twingo is a brand icon for Renault," says marketing Director Frédéric Clermont. Photo: PD

product Manager Laure Grégoire adds: "the third Generation of The Twingo was designed from the outset so that an electric drive can be integrated." The Motor sits, as in the case of the models with burners in the rear, under the short front hood, the cooling system is housed, the battery sits low in the center of the vehicle. This was chosen with a capacity of 22 kilowatt-hours is relatively small. "The Europeans drive on average 30 miles a day – there's a range of 180 kilometers, according to the WLTP is absolutely sufficient to" give the French convinced.

Salon-Highlight, from the Swiss Hand, Even apart from the Twingo Z. E. is rotating at Renault at the former Geneva auto salon, which appears today under the name of Geneva International Motor Show, is all about the electrification. In addition to the world premiere of the electric Stadtflohs the hybrid are presented versions of the Clio, Captur and Megane The Clio comes as a full hybrid (HEV), as well as Captur and Megane as a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) with an electric range of 50 kilometers.

Clio and Captur will come in June to the dealers, the revised Mégane in the autumn. Highlight at the Stand of the French, however, will be the study Morphoz: The Outlook for future electric cars of the French, was designed by the young Bernese Marco Brunori. The 29-year-old Designer will be responsible for the exterior Design, as well as for the modular concept of the study responsible. Brunori won 2019, in Geneva, the design competition for the petroleum Association for the "gas station of the future" in the transformation of mobility. The Jury praised its "futuristic concept with a business plan in the sense of a demand market". (ds)

In the city to create the 3.62 metres long, tiny of up to 250 kilometers, a range of 80 km can be charging at a charging station with the 22 kW AC power in 30 minutes – that should be enough for the intended use of the Twingo Z. E. is quite. Fast charging with direct current, unfortunately, is not possible: "That would be too expensive for this City Car," says Clermont. "In addition, we expect that the costs for DC power to the charging stations will soon explode". The appearance was in fact changed hardly anything. "The Design of the Twingo was updated last year," explains product Manager Laure Grégoire. "The Z. E. is some blue Details visible – more was not necessary."

mileage as the Smart

still Wonders why Renault has the Twingo Z. E. not previously launched. "It was a question of priorities," explains marketing Director Frédéric Clermont. "The new Zoe had priority, also with regard to investments." You would, of course, the powertrain of the electric Smart install, finally, the Twingo was developed in conjunction with the Smart and runs also from the same Band. "Then we would have been earlier on the market, but we wanted to use our own technology – it is Mature and allows for a greater range."

not to load quickly with a direct current, unfortunately, is possible. Photo: PD

the slightly modified electric motor of the Renault Zoe comes in the Twingo Z. E., but this time with a smaller, water-cooled battery. Amazingly: The unit with 60 kW of power and 160 Nm of torque, exactly the same values as the Smart, and the driving performance 0 to 50 km/h in 4.2 seconds, top speed 135 km/h are similar: that's enough for the city runabout.

unlike Smart, Renault the Twingo but also with internal combustion engines. If the electric variant will be a success, but ultimately also on the price. To do this, Renault wants to communicate nothing, may after the Premiere at the Geneva Auto Salon. "One thing we can promise," says marketing chief Clermont: "We will be competitive."

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