Economy : The Republicans advocate of The Mayor XXL - The Point

The Republicans have a structured plan to revive the French economy and intend to know. To prevent the social and economic consequences of the health crisis, th

Economy : The Republicans advocate of The Mayor XXL - The Point

The Republicans have a structured plan to revive the French economy and intend to know. To prevent the social and economic consequences of the health crisis, the party of the right proposes to break the piggy bank of the French State. Tuesday 2 June, the chairman of the party, Christian Jacob, has unveiled measures amounting to nearly " 10 % of GDP, while the deficit in 2020 is expected to already exceed 9 % because of the effects of the health crisis on the public accounts.

by doing This, The Republicans hope to quell the dissensions which were particularly expressed on the line of economic to adopt in recent times. "It closes, at least I hope so, the debate of those who see an opposition between the proponents of the budgetary orthodoxy and economic liberal, and those who have a more social approach. This recovery plan was intended to show compatibility, " explained Annie Genevard, the president of the national council of the party. Guillaume Peltier, has hailed his side a " work unit reveals, despite the scepticismes, the ability to be profoundly united ", as Aurélien Pradié, representative of the "wing" of the political formation.

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A working time negotiated annually

Republicans have called on the government to act quickly, without waiting for September to announce his measures. "When you are a business leader, you need to see clearly on the strategy and the action of the government ", says Christian Jacob, who accuses his former comrade, the minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, of dicked her ads a sector-by-sector until a more comprehensive strategy.

Here is the timing. On the merits, the diagnosis and the proposals of the party of the right bear a striking resemblance to those of the minister of the Economy, even if, being in the opposition, the LR is used to display action much more expensive without too much worry about their impact on the public finances.

Many aim to save companies from bankruptcy in order to preserve the employment. This includes, inter alia, by one year tax and social white for small businesses, with zero tax and zero load. At the same time, the support of the part-time workers would be gradually transformed into decreases of employers ' contributions, to encourage them to return to work, without that it is too costly to businesses. The Republicans also propose to permanently delete the C3S, a contribution gradually reduced under François Hollande, and now only paid by large companies. This tax said "production" is sitting on the turnover, even if the company does not generate profits. Bruno The Mayor has been pleading for months to reduce this type of levy on the companies. The hospitality, particularly struck by the containment, would benefit more from a reduction in VAT from 10% to 5.5% to enable it to increase its margins.

On the sensitive issue of working time, The Republicans want to avoid the trap of the debate on the increase, allowing each company to negotiate annually the number of hours according to its needs, with the addition of a tax exemption total overtime for the employer. The agreements of the collective performance, which was inaugurated by the ordinances Pénicaud from the beginning of the quinquennium, nevertheless allow us already to arrange the working time according to the needs of employers.

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Don't sacrifice the young

As Bruno Le Maire, The Republicans warn about the risk of making hundreds of thousands of young people who will arrive on the job market this year a sacrificed generation. It offers strong measures, again to decrease employer contributions. The first six months of wages of young graduates hired by the companies may be paid by the State on the model of support for part-time work, before moving on to exemptions from employer contributions for a year and a half. Only one condition : that the hiring is done in CDI. The businesses that hire apprentices, they would not have expenses to pay not more. The government is working precisely to plan for the assistance to businesses that hire apprentices in spite of the crisis. It should be soon unveiled.

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The chapter aimed to find a sovereignty, the party proposes to create a sovereign fund in the French, which could " take massive amounts of interests to be passive in small businesses and as well inject directly in equity in thousands of VSES, SMES and ETI ", according to the document distributed to the press. The government is working to this kind of strengthening of own funds of enterprises. According to our information, he is preparing, among other things, to transform the reports of expenses granted to companies in equity loans. The debt tax and social security of the State shall be refunded only if the company manages to achieve in the years to come, a certain level of profit.

in addition, the party proposes a tax credit for businesses that relocaliseraient their production in France. It is also the old idea of establishing a local preference in the order public, which requires, by his own admission, a reform of the european law. In the same vein, LR promises to promote local food, especially through the VAT, by reducing direct sales from farmers to consumers.

Deleting package for social participation and profit sharing

A component of this plan is the ambition to build a " fairer economy ". The Republicans have settled its internal debate on the issue of the level of salaries that are too low, particularly at the bottom of the pay scale. "We have in our country a real subject with the level of wages," repeated Aurélien Pradié. But the party intends to solve it thanks to the massive development of the participation and profit sharing in companies and not by the increase of the wages themselves. The idea is part of the line of action of Bruno Le Maire, paris Bercy, which has removed the social contribution paid by small businesses in the event of payment. But The Republicans propose to go much further and simply delete the package social. For employees, the participation and the incentive would be completely tax exempt for payments of up to three times the minimum wage (smic). "To us, it is not about adjustments," said Christian Jacob, to better differentiate themselves from the politics of his old comrade now in the service of Emmanuel Macron.

For the most fragile, LR is proposing to lower the VAT on products of first necessity, with a guidance price to avoid an increase of the margins of the large-scale distribution.

As regards the ecology, the training advocated a grand plan for energy renovation of buildings through a VAT super-reduced by 2.1 %, and 5.5% for all renovations, but the funding would be found due to the drop in subsidies to wind turbines and photovoltaic panels. Again, it is one of the areas of work of Bruno The Mayor... The minister will cut the grass under the feet of his former companions ? Response in a few months.

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