E-Bike: bikes with electric support, full in Trend | car

The E-Bike supports the driver with an electric Motor. The electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. The Trend of E-Bike is already been felt for s

E-Bike: bikes with electric support, full in Trend | car

The E-Bike supports the driver with an electric Motor. The electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular.

The Trend of E-Bike is already been felt for some time, clearly. More and more two-wheelers with engine to be sold in this country every third New now has become a support when pedalling. Especially in urban areas, the E-has a lot of advantages Bike.

E-Bikes: bicycles with electric motors are getting more and more popular

The E-Bike is an attractive Alternative for all those who want to be eco-friendly and rapidly on the move, without, however, in a cold sweat at the destination. Also, for commuter , the need to overcome longer distances, could be E-Bikes, in perspective, be even more attractive when the fast cycle routes are to be expanded further*.

E-Bikes, the Corona times, this popular form of motion-Alternative

In Corona-times has increased the importance of the E-Bikes yet. Because it can be used – at least in halfway decent weather as an Alternative to public transport. Therefore, the General German Bicycle club (ADFC) calls for a better Expansion of the cycle paths in towns and cities.

in Addition, an ideal vehicle, it is also for the elderly and less athletic people , to come on a short trip to the fresh air and the movement a little for their own well-being to do. The minimum distance will be kept on the bike anyway, almost automatically.

E-Bike manufacturer from Bavaria: Trenoli

The Bavarian manufacturer Trenoli (Motto: "without Limit"), has investigated about the needs of the City-bikers, and as a consequence, from the results of a new E-Bike series created. As Brento Sportivo, Classico Active and Comodo, there is now an offer, the active recreational athletes, commuters and city cyclists offer a personal mobility solution. Free test drives can be arranged www.trenoli.de .

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E-Bikes under 1000 Euro

The Brenta Sportivo T with a trapezoidal frame and the Sportivo M with diamond suitable framework for City-trips, and in everyday life as well as for ambitious excursions to the surrounding area. The Bosch motor with 500 Wh of the strong battery allows for ranges of significantly more than 100 kilometers, the bike will cost 2.899 Euro.

the Brenta Classico Active has Trenoli a classic city bike in the range. The frame is deep To rose makes for easy on and Descend the rugged frame geometry ensures great stability, even when transporting larger purchases. Since the 400-Wh battery is placed relatively far down the seat tube, the bike also has a lower center of gravity, which enables more stable Driving. With a price of 2.099 Euro, the Classico Active is the cheapest E-Bike of the model range.

the variant Classico Active Plus a stronger battery with 500 Wh is to request that increases the range to well over 100 kilometers and a maximum of three hours to be fully charged. This Version costs 2.749 Euro. With the slowdown in the 400-Wh battery, the E stands for list Bike for 2.599 euros in the price.

third Version of this model, the Brenta Classico Performance . This slightly sportier version has a Bosch drive system, in trekking bikes and mountain bikes to be used, in addition, a Shimano 5-speed Nexus gears with freewheel. Price: 2.899 Euro.

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E-Bikes are also suited as a fitness device

The electric Alternative for commuters can also be excellent as a fitness equipment into the individual training program: in the Morning on the way to work is obtained higher support from the engine, not exhausted and sweaty arrive at the destination. In the evening, on the way home, the occurs may increase the frequency and the engine support reduced> training effect uses. This is also a good method to existing office to relieve Stress in a sensible and against possible Corona extra pounds effectively fight.

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