Diesel drivers are being ripped off with high costs for the AdBlue additive

Modern internal combustion engines are very clean, but the exhaust gas cleaning is also more expensive and more error-prone than in the past. Virtually all of t

Diesel drivers are being ripped off with high costs for the AdBlue additive

Modern internal combustion engines are very clean, but the exhaust gas cleaning is also more expensive and more error-prone than in the past. Virtually all of the newer diesel cars have filters in addition to particles and the storage catalysts have a catalyst added, for its operation, the aqueous urea solution "AdBlue" is needed. It is a registered trademark of the German Association of the automotive industry (VDA). AdBlue chemically reduces the nitrogen oxides in the diesel engine, and makes them largely harmless. However, the driver of a Diesel passenger Cars, the refueling AdBlue for your SCR catalyst often have to pay a lot more for the Liter of AdBlue as a Truck driver. The magazine "Auto Motor & Sport reports" in their current issue. "There's a lot of tank, no fuel pumps for passenger Cars have, drivers must often resort to expensive canister and a multiple of the AdBlue price of fuel dispensers to pay," says the magazine.

AdBlue rip-off of Diesel-drivers,

There was, admittedly, almost all the heavily frequented gas station, an AdBlue pump, but only for trucks. Only 502 gas stations in Germany, the cones of AdBlue in passenger Cars. "However, costs on this Car fuel pumps, litre more than at the columns for Trucks. The price per Liter for the Truck depending on the provider, between 50 and 60 cents. For Cars 73 cents is calculated, for example, Total currently. Aral and Esso offer, as yet, no tank columns for passenger Cars", the "Auto Motor & Sport". Cattle man diesel cars with an SCR-System are in need of the cleaning liquid AdBlue. The consumption depends on the individual Diesel-fuel consumption and AdBlue must be refilled regularly. If the container is empty, the car will not start. Also retrofitted cars to this EU legal requirement comply with

in Principle, the consumption of "Diesel cleaner varies" depending on driving style; a high diesel consumption is associated with a higher AdBlue consumption. In the case of a lot of drivers, it may be that the AdBlue supply is used up after a few thousand kilometers. Because the new emissions standards of the car, the more AdBlue is injected into the rule, also to all legal requirements. A part of the Diesel exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen, and other manufacturers can damage the result of a manipulative turned down the injection Rate, because too high a dosage curls the exhaust system of the cars by the "Verb" would be. Many car manufacturers could not meet the legal limits otherwise, or waived under time and cost pressure on the use of certain injection techniques. Insider grabs: There was the clean-Diesel - and that's why you don't want to grab him FOCUS Online Insider: There was the clean-Diesel - and that's why you wanted him not to

Unnecessary plastic waste is created

Although the problems are solved now, but the effort of the Nachtankens now falls into the responsibility of the motorist. Therefore, many drivers have to in the tank, the AdBlue stations in canisters. This not only creates waste, but is more expensive. "The Ten-Liter canister costs at the gas station around 15 Euro. In a Five-Liter containers are to 11,99 EUR 2.40 euros per litre. Alternatively, there is a 1.89-litre bottles for 10.99 Euro makes even 5.81 euros per Liter," says the magazine. Diesel drivers should make sure, therefore, just prior to the vacation trips, that the AdBlue level is as completely as possible and in good time prior to travel to refill. "Cheaper Alternatives to provide stores that also have AdBlue in the range. At Hagebau and Obi a Five-Liter canister costs about eight euros. Hornbach offers in the Online Shop, the Ten-litre canister for 6,77 Euro plus 4,48 Euro shipping", so the "Auto Motor & Sport".

Not without AdBlue

to proceed Simply without the AdBlue, is by the way not a good idea: in accordance with the statutory requirements, Sensors detect in the vehicle, remind the driver in time to Refill (from 2400 kilometres remaining wreichweite). In the case of a completely empty Tank, the Motor will then not start.

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Updated Date: 12 August 2020, 11:26

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