Coronavirus-tips: instead of Find license tests and driving hours? | Car

a number of measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, raise questions among the people. Will take place, for example, driver's license exams? Current

Coronavirus-tips: instead of Find license tests and driving hours? | Car

a number of measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, raise questions among the people. Will take place, for example, driver's license exams?

Currently, there is due to the Coronavirus* strict rules of conduct. After the restrictions are eased, but still people should keep a distance. Can driving schools to resume their operation and driver's license checks?

version from 20. May: driver's license exams in some States possible again

The ADAC reported that DEKRA and TÜV-Association have reached an agreement with the Federal Association of driving instructor associations on the key points for the resumption of driving tests . Basically, the testing could be resumed, under the condition that the existing hygiene measures are taken into account. However, the resumption of tests from Bundesland to Bundesland . Driving students are to be informed accordingly by your local driving schools.

In North Rhine-Westphalia in driving tests, for example, already again. In Baden-Württemberg, however, this pause continue to 15. June . For driving schools that begin operation again, and driving tests, among other things, the following provisions:

examinees with signs of a respiratory apply disease are not permitted. Basic spacing rules in waiting areas and testing rooms are to be observed. For theoretical examinations candidates must provide a Mouth guard, where authorities dictate appropriate personal protective measures are binding. In the case of non-compliance, the audit will not take place. In the practical test, all you must carry in your vehicle people find a Mouth guard. Test vehicles must be aired between the trips always sufficient and, where appropriate, also be cleaned and disinfected. During the journey, the car must be ventilated sufficiently.

extension of the deadline for student drivers

Normally, driving to drop students no later than one year after the theoretical examination and the practical examination. The deadline was extended due to the Corona-crisis half a year - thus, examinees have a total of one and a half years of time between theory and practice exam. How long the extension is maintained, remains in the respective state to decide.

Update from the 5. May: driving schools slowly take back the operation on

measures against the spread of the Coronavirus have been effective, however, the people in Germany must adhere to the distance rules. Some companies may also work - however this is regulated in each state differently. Also, driving schools are slowly allowed to give driving lessons, but here more stringent Hygiene regulations. In Hesse, for individual or small group teaching is allowed with a maximum of five persons. This is true both for theory as well as practice hours. In Bavaria, however, the driving schools have to remain closed. Students are informed on the best on the pages of your responsible state ministries or at the driving schools about the current status.

initial notification by the 24. March: instead of Find driving lessons and driving tests?

The impact of the Coronavirus and the measures to curtail their spread - are all noticeably. Also student drivers are affected: Many people are asking now, whether it's driving can take place hours or the scheduled driving test.

May be made available to driver's license examinations in theory and practice?

The driving test is carried out by specially trained examiners from the Technical inspection bodies: in this Country, driving tests* to be performed by the Technical monitoring Association (TÜV) and Dekra e. V. . How TÜV Süd with regard to the Coronavirus tells, be in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg both the theoretical and the practical driving licence tests for the First exposed . The driving schools have been directly informed, and paid fees would be credited.

However, TÜV Süd also know that testing for applicants to be maintained, the " position of the public order are in urgent need to have a driving licence ". This includes the fire brigade, THW, police, or Red cross, for example.

The TÜV Nord explains on its Website that the implementation of theoretical and practical driving licence tests not held to. The TÜV Rheinland has decided to conduct driving licence tests, as well as indefinitely. Since the 18th century. March find, therefore, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, since the 19th century. March in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Saarland since the age of 20. March in Berlin no checks in place. Also in the case of the Dekra no driving tests instead for the time being for an indefinite period of time.

interesting : Sanifair toilets at motorway service areas are now free due to the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus-tips: the driving school lessons?

the theoretical as well as practical lessons in the driving schools in the länder , such as Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. Other Federal States like Berlin and Thuringia responded in this regard, but also very hesitant, and had driving instructors in the dark, while Hamburg driving schools were allowed to perform according to the driving instructors Association Hamburg e. V. in the beginning the practical classes, and even theory and practical tests.

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