Coronavirus : the race for the vaccine is accelerating, a second wave feared - The Point

Eight months after the beginning of the appearance of the coronavirus in China, no experimental vaccine has not yet been found by the researchers. On Tuesday, A

Coronavirus : the race for the vaccine is accelerating, a second wave feared - The Point

Eight months after the beginning of the appearance of the coronavirus in China, no experimental vaccine has not yet been found by the researchers. On Tuesday, August 11, Vladimir Putin took the entire world short by announcing that it had developed the "first" vaccine against the Covid-19. The Russian president announced in the wake of its intention to produce it as early as September, when the tests are not completed.

The announcement was greeted with caution by the world health Organization (WHO), who noted that the "pre-qualification" and approval of a vaccine that went through the procedures " rigorous ". In the evening, the us president, Donald Trump has announced a contract of $ 1.5 billion for the delivery of 100 million doses of the experimental vaccine biotech american Moderna, the sixth agreement of this kind since may. The development of a vaccine turns out to be more crucial than ever at a time when the epidemic, after having shown signs of shortness of breath, seems to set out again of more beautiful, in many countries, From Madrid to Paris to New Zealand, Bhutan, and Sarajevo, the concern grows about a possible second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus, pushing many capitals to take the alarm and to develop their sanitary measures.

"critical Situation" in Spain

" I say it with a form of seriousness : if we don't act collectively, we are exposed to a high risk of reversal of the epidemic that will be difficult to control ", has accused the French Prime minister, Jean Castex. In the past 24 hours, the number of people diagnosed positive with the virus has increased by 785 new cases in France. 10 800 new cases have been recorded in a week.

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the Same concern in Spain that shows the worst figures of contagion from western Europe – 4 923 new cases daily average recorded during the last seven days – and where the situation is considered " critical ". "We are just at the point where things can improve or get worse (...) this implies the need to do everything possible and try to halt outbreaks before they escalate," said the Agence France-Presse Salvador Macip, a professor of health sciences at the open University of Barcelona.

Up in Bhutan

in Addition to the Channel, the time is not to serenity and back-to-school looks delicate in the United Kingdom, the country most mournful in Europe with more than 46 000 dead. "I have the impression that in a short time, there will be another epidemic, and that it will all be returned to us," says Alex Bisset, a high school student of 17 years at Kelso (south-east Scotland). In the Balkans, some 500 inhabitants of Sarajevo, they called for a response "urgent" by the authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

In New Zealand, the First minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Wednesday that the containment of a retirement home in the country and has not ruled out postponing the elections in September. Tuesday, it was ordered that the reconfinement for three days, from Wednesday noon of the largest city of its country, Auckland, after the appearance for the first time since 102 days of cases of coronavirus are transmitted locally.

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As to the Bhutan, a small kingdom landlocked between India and China, he ordered Tuesday, for the first time the containment of its population after the positive test of a Bhutanese back of Kuwait. This growing concern is in contrast to the scenes seen over the last few days in Wuhan, in central China, where appeared the virus in December, with young people who are dancing at a party techno, food stands taken by assault, and traffic jams everywhere.

"We have lost our Spanish"

In total, according to the last balance-sheet drawn up by the Agence France-Presse Tuesday, the epidemic of coronavirus has killed at least 736 828 deaths worldwide and infected more than 20 122 700 cases of infection since its first appearance in December. In the United States, the most affected country in the world in absolute value, with 164 480 deaths, more than 53 000 new infections and 1 100 deaths have been beset in 24 hours, according to the count released Tuesday night by the Johns Hopkins university. On the map of tourism, restaurateurs and hoteliers continue to be subjected to the full force of the effects of the health crisis.

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"We lost our Spanish, it is dramatic," lamenting and Stéphane Rives, owner of three hotels at the foot of the medieval French of Carcassonne. In Lourdes, for the first time, the shrine will celebrate the feast of the Assumption on 15 August, the climax of the year with a number of pilgrims simultaneously limited to 5 000. Sports experience various fortunes. If the tennis tournament of the Lexington (Kentucky), was able to return to the United States – behind closed doors – the marathon of Frankfurt (Germany) has been cancelled.

The pandemic has not, however, prevented a Novégienne and a Swedish face restrictions on travel between their two countries, say " yes " on the line of demarcation of a bridge border-crossing between the two countries. "There was no kissing, except between Willy and me. I have not even been able to take my mom in my arms ", however, sorry the bride, Heidi Caroline.

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