Coronavirus : new record in the United States, lavertissement whos - The Point

The world health Organization draws a new signal of alarm in the face of numbers of infections and deaths of the Covid-19, which are steadily increasing. "It r

Coronavirus : new record in the United States, lavertissement whos - The Point

The world health Organization draws a new signal of alarm in the face of numbers of infections and deaths of the Covid-19, which are steadily increasing. "It really is time that the country look at the numbers. Please, do not ignore this as you say the numbers ", appeared Friday, July 3, the person in charge of health emergencies at the world health Organization (WHO), Michael Ryan. "People need to wake up. The numbers don't lie and the situation on the ground does not lie ", he continued.

" WHO understands perfectly well that there are good reasons for countries that want to put their economies on the rails ( ... ), But you can't ignore the problem either, it's not going to disappear as if by magic ", he said. According to the organization, the past seven days have been the worst in terms of contamination (more than 160 000 cases daily) since the epidemic of Covid-19 is a part of China in late 2019, and 60 % of all the cases reported so far have been in the past month.

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Record of infections in the United States

A message directed in particular to the United States. While the country is preparing to celebrate their national day on Saturday, the Day of independence, 57 683 new infections with the coronavirus have been recorded on Friday, according to the counting done by the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made, a record. Moreover 728 deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of deaths to the States. The United States is by far the most affected country in the world by the disease, with nearly 2.8 million cases detected. The south and west of the territory are facing an outbreak, which " puts the country in danger ", in the words of Anthony Fauci, director of the american Institute of infectious diseases.

Number of States have had to put the déconfinement pause, or even turn back, closing at the forward bars and beaches. And the republican governor of Texas has announced that wearing a mask would now be mandatory in public places. But the president, Donald Trump, criticized for his handling of the pandemic, there has been very briefly referred to the subject in the speech he gave Friday night at Mount Rushmore on the occasion of an evening of fireworks in honor of the 4th of July. "The United States of America, the country with the most just and the most outstanding, have never existed on Earth ", he launched before a crowd gained to his cause, who would chant " Four more years ", and in which the masks were rare.

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Déconfinement in the Uk

His country is not the only one to make light of the warnings of the WHO. And pubs, hotels, hairdressing salons, cinemas and museums to resume the service on Saturday in England, re-deemed premature by some in the United Kingdom. Millions of English are expected in the pubs over a weekend that promises to be "historic" according to a leader of the sector, or even attended one day of the Year according to the forecasts of the police. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have, for their part, preferred to adopt their own schedule of déconfinement.

The pandemic has killed at least 522 246 deaths in the world since China is a formal state of the onset of the disease in December, according to a report drawn up by the Agence France-Presse from official sources on Friday at 19 hours GMT. More than 10 922 300 cases of infections were diagnosed in 196 countries and territories. After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil (63 174), the United Kingdom (44 131), Italy (34 833), and France (29 893).

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For the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, Latin America has overtaken Friday the Europe in many cases, with more than 2.7 million of patients, even if the Old Continent remains the region of the world the most bereaved with nearly 200,000 dead, ahead of the United States and Canada (137 421) and Latin America (121 662).

The slowdown continues in Europe

In Europe, the slowing of the pandemic is confirmed, with numbers generally decreasing everywhere. The european Commission has authorised the placing on the market conditional " of the antiviral remdesivir in the EU, which has given some results in the treatment of critically ill patients for the new coronavirus. In France, the fifth country the most affected in the world (at least 29 893 deaths), the justice has opened an investigation into the management of the crisis by the ex-Prime minister Edouard Philippe and his former ministers of Health, Olivier Véran and Agnès Buzyn.

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In China the municipality of Beijing, which has experienced mid-June, a rebound in the number of cases of Covid-19, announced on Friday the lifting of most restrictions to leave the city on Saturday, at midnight (15 hours GMT), ensuring to have stopped the contagion. After two months without any contamination to the coronavirus, the city of 21 million people has suddenly seen the number of cases multiply the last month. At least 331 people have been infected.

While this reappearance of the virus in Beijing was attributed to a large wholesale market of agricultural capital, China has committed to phase out the slaughter and sale of live poultry food markets. A market that sold live animals in the city of Wuhan, in the centre of the country, is believed to be the cradle original of the pandemic.

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