Coronavirus: RKI, and WHO would not have a significant discovery from Munich | world

you could Have the spread of the Coronavirus, possibly at an early stage, or at least mitigate, prevent? The New York Times, the WHO and the RKI on covers. the

Coronavirus: RKI, and WHO would not have a significant discovery from Munich | world

you could Have the spread of the Coronavirus, possibly at an early stage, or at least mitigate, prevent? The New York Times, the WHO and the RKI on covers.

the devastating effects of the Coronavirus* could Have been prevented perhaps? A review of the "New York Times" points to failures of the WHO and the RKI. Coronavirus and Covid-19: What is it? The pathogen and the disease

Munich - Worldwide have been infected so far, more than ten million people with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, more than 500,000 have died of Covid-19 (Stand: 30. June). Life during the Coronavirus pandemic is limited. Mask duty*, contact restrictions, and the search for a vaccine*.

you could Have all the might prevent, or at least the devastating effects of the Corona-pandemic can reduce? A report from the New York Times points to the failings of the world health organization (WHO) and Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) .

Coronavirus: team of researchers from Munich, warned of infectious patients without symptoms

On 27. January had identified Camilla Rothe , the Deputy Director of the Department of infection and tropical medicine at the LMU - Klinikum München , the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 for the first time in a German patient* how to reported.

The man who is considered the first Corona-Infected in Germany, worked for the automotive supplier Webasto, how* reported, and is a member of the from China , which came from the crisis area Wuhan . During your service trip, she had shown no symptoms until after her return, she was tested positive for Sars-CoV 2 and felt uncomfortable.

Contrary to the former opinion of most scientists, doubted Camilla Rothe and her research team to the fact that only patients with Corona-symptoms* are contagious.

The New York Times that turned Rothe, results are based on the Corona the case of Webasto to your boss Michael Hölscher, contacted and, in turn, the journal "The New England Journal of Medicine" (NEJM). Already on 30. January there appeared the report of Camilla Rothe, Michael Hölscher, and the research team, in which they warned that even patients who show no symptoms , are not infectious.

+ by the end of January, a group of researchers reported that patients who show no symptoms, can be infectious.©dpa / Britta Pedersen

Coronavirus: RKI complained formulation in the results of the Munich research group

But the results from Munich, met with great resistance. For example, the explained, for example, Swedish public health office the newspaper report says that there is no evidence that humans were already in the incubation period, infectious.

The RKI twice with China - born wife, who had brought the Coronavirus to Webasto, talked on the phone. They complained that the wife had had symptoms, this could not, however, identify as typical symptoms of the Coronavirus*. The report was formulated, therefore, assessed as not clean.

Coronavirus: the RKI is a self - similar results-with a different formulation

However, it sets the "New York Times", it should be the RKI to something completely different went. Accordingly, a Team of the RKI was together with experts from the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL ) came to similar results - but with a subtle difference in the formulation. So patients are infectious before they show any symptoms. The report by the Munich-based research team was, however, published shortly before, and should be pushed to discomfort in the boardroom of the LGL in Berlin.

That shortly afterwards, on 4. February 2020, in a joint press release of the Charité, of Munich, clinic Schwabing and Institute for Microbiology of the German armed forces it was pointed out that the Infected with weak symptoms, not infectious, was not taken into account. As the "New York Times" reported, did not react to the RKI on multiple requests.

Coronavirus: WHO denied the results as "false"

Slyvie Brand , an Epidemiologist of the WHO , the results to the public. On Twitter she wrote: "A study that claimed that the Coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms, was wrong."

Director of the WHO emergency Committee, Dr. Michael Ryan , spoke, however, of a myth. And Maria van Kerkhove , a member of the WHO emergency Committee, said that we do not need to worry. It happens rarely, but it is possible.

In the course of time, more and more scientists came to the same results as the research team from Munich .

The question of whether and to what extent the spread of the Coronavirus would have been faster to contain, had already taken in January, measures based on the results of the Munich research team, is looking back, we can only assume. (mbr) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 08:34

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