Coronavirus/Covid-19: open car workshops again? | Car

The restrictions due to the Coronavirus to be slowly loosened. Motorists can now go back to the workshops. The measures to prevent the spread of the Coronaviru

Coronavirus/Covid-19: open car workshops again? | Car

The restrictions due to the Coronavirus to be slowly loosened. Motorists can now go back to the workshops.

The measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus have been effective. Also, drivers can move around freely again. Workshops may be attended in compliance with the spacing rules.

workshops have re-opened as usual

workshop-visits are allowed again. Here is the apply, however, General clearance rules . That means at least 1.5 metres distance to the other Person. In addition, a mouth-nose protection must be worn. In General, the restrictions on car drivers and motorcycle riders will be loosened gradually, even splash tours* nationwide are allowed again.

Original message from 31. March 2020: Corona-crisis: Have open workshops?

you are considered to be relevant to the system , may have more open. Pure trading companies, however, are not, for the closure regulation is true. In so-called mixed farms (workshop and sale) may not be used in the by the way sale made. the Security-related repairs shall not be deferred , prescribed maintenance intervals should be adhered to. On the cosmetic repairs you can do without but currently. However, since the workshops staff can have problems, you should not arrange appointments at short notice.

fuel: the fuels?

the supply of The population with fuels* is also saved in the Corona-crisis fundamentally emphasizes the Bavarian petrol station business. The current stocks would be sufficient to supply the population for 90 days , the Association of petrol station operators emphasized. Occasional bottlenecks due to a shortage of staff, drivers or station staff, but is possible.

highway rest stops: there Are no food and Drink more during the Corona-crisis?

Although all the restaurants in Bavaria are closed, is to secure the provision of food and Drink along the highway. The company Tank + Rast has found together with the Bavarian Ministry of the interior with a solution: It is now To-go offers hot and cold dishes . As already reported, are in nearly all of the raster of additions to facilities in the free state to the washing facilities in the toilets, now free.

strong> : Sanifair toilets on highway rest areas are Suitable

roadside assistance at the time of the Coronavirus as usual?

The automobile club have stressed that they> . The call volume is currently much lower than usual, in readiness, all were but. It is because of possible danger of Contagion, not possible, persons in the driver ride in the vehicle cabin of the tow truck, would be looking for on the spot Alternatives, for additional cost, you will show the greatest grace, the ADAC.

Work abroad emergency yet?

On the activities of the Foreign emergency call, to have emphasized nothing has changed , the ADAC. Members who get in foreign countries in Need, continue to be advised and cared for.

winter: Can I have you raise?

Since the swap to summer tires anyway, is pending in accordance with the October-Easter-rule is acute, you should prefer to wait still – especially as there were in the last days anyway, the winter road conditions. the A couple of weeks more with winter tyres are not a Problem . Some tyre dealers have already announced, to demand for closer storage no additional fee.

Be carried out the main investigations?

Basically, the date of the main examination should not be covered. Usually, the Coating of the deadline is only in the first two months free, thereafter a fine of 15 euros threatens. the and Now the grace has been extended period of time on a transitional basis, for four months, and only after the 15 Euro . A point in Flensburg there is, if the date is exceeded by eight months and more, in addition, the cost is 75 Euro. Properly it becomes a problem when it is caused with an expired sticker in an accident, has a technical Defect as the cause, the answer might have been in the case of a main investigation discovered. Then the insurance company can refuse payment.

read , such as TÜV, Dekra, GTÜ and KÜS now, the main investigation to handle.

driving tests take place?

Up to and including 19. April 2020, the tests exposed . According to TÜV Süd-paid fees will be credited and there will be no cancellation costs. For drivers, the need for emergency care an appropriate licence (e.g. fire brigade, Red cross, THW) is set up a testing laboratory. For more information, see Mail

Have opened driving schools?

Up to 19. April 2020, so-called operating ban . That is to say, it held up until then, no driving lessons, no simulator hours and not a theory of teaching.

MPU: do they take Place?

Up to 19. April 2020 evaluations on the MPU in all Service centers of the TÜV Süd exposed to . By phone or by Mail, the employees are not available, existing appointments to be moved.

I Can point to admission?

For the public is closed in the framework of the current output limitations of currently . In Munich, only the services are offered, necessary for the maintenance of public life is necessary. In the outskirts of Munich, new registrations of traders are still possible.

Can I drive in the wash?

visiting a self-service car wash to clean his vehicle, is regarded as not a necessary life activity and, therefore, is a violation of the generally available . In Munich, it is allowed to wash his vehicle on private property when the wastewater reaches the municipal sewer system (not every storm drain leads to the sewer!), no cleaning agent and no high pressure cleaner is used, and no engine washing is carried out.

car trading: How is my buying a car?

A direct consultation with the customer is not currently permitted. Resourceful sales consultant to expand your online offering even further and to make in individual cases, on video advice. Here, the seller sends to the prospective Live-Videos from the dream car, shows Details, and can also show the Sound.

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