Corona-rules, Free-Kita, travel warning: What are the changes from August for all

the 1. Corona-the working hours act applies only in exceptions Since mid-April, the Covid-19 working time act applies. More work was due to Corona, it may or

Corona-rules, Free-Kita, travel warning: What are the changes from August for all
the 1. Corona-the working hours act applies only in exceptions

Since mid-April, the Covid-19 working time act applies. More work was due to Corona, it may order the employer to work longer hours - up to 12 hours per day, 60 hours in the week. To 31. July. Starting in August, the law is again in force. A check of the individual case should continue to be possible.

2. Global travel warning ends (for now) at 31. August

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic has issued the Foreign office for a world travel alert for all countries outside of the EU, apart from the Schengen associated countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and the United Kingdom. The Foreign office warns explicitly against non-tourist travel. the was This warning for the time being, until 31. August has been extended. Whether and to what extent the travel warning is extended, moreover, is not yet clear.

traveling in Europe, however, are for some time possible. What are the rules you should be cautious in the respective countries, read here. Arrival, distances, reservations: The should summer Camper now PCP know the arrival date, spacing, reservations: The summer should Camper now

3 know. Events with more participants possible

The limitations of public life, to curb the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to be progressively lifted. This also applies to festivals and events with multiple persons. the In August, are in many countries loose in power. In Baden-Württemberg are from 1. August allowed, for example, events with an attendance of up to 500 people. In the Saarland, events with up to 500 participants and is open to the sky and up to 250 participants in closed rooms are already permitted. From the 24. August be increased to the upper limits, respectively, of 1000 and 500 participants. A little later than some of the other länder of Saxony allowed-continued from 29. August events with up to 500 participants in closed rooms. Now up to 1000 participants, however, are under the open sky.

All of the Corona-rules of the Federal States you will find here in the Overview.

4. As a rule, in schools and day-care centres starts again

In many German Federal States the schools return after the end of the summer holidays in August and again in normal operation. This means that All children should go to school regularly. This is for example in Berlin, where the summer holidays on 7. August ends. Other States in which the school is recorded in August, as usual, are Western Pomerania, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

the day care centers back in August in many countries for normal operation. In Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, the day-care centres to take on 1. August, again, the rule operating on. The day-care centres in Saxony-Anhalt are to be transferred in the coming weeks to normal operation.

All the important news to the Coronavirus pandemic, you read in the News Ticker.

5. NRW: 2. Kindergarten year free of charge

1. August occurs in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Reform of the children's education act (KiBiz) in force. , this is the second kindergarten year, respectively, for the second year in the child day-care is free of charge. With the Reform, families with small children relieved. Also the sibling-control was adjusted – in the future, parents ' contributions have to be paid only once, even if multiple siblings will be cared for.

6. Change in August: ascension-BAföG

increases Good news for all who want to professionally continue - and more. the is The so-called lifting of the BAföG, with the rise in the dual System of vocational education and training support, is 1. August 2020 increased. over 700 training qualifications, for example are Supported with the lifting of the BAföG way to the craft and industry champion, business administration, or a master hairdresser. The Federal government has adopted several Changes: Among other things, the income-dependent subsidy for the maintenance is to be expanded to a full grant and also the maintenance contribution per child and spouse will be fully granted as a subsidy. In addition, the child care benefit for Single parents from 130 to 150 euros per month and an Individual can have multiple stages on all three Training by the ascension-increasing benefit of Federal assistance.

7. More vocational training allowance for trainees

Also, trainees who begin their training until may 1. August 2020 over more money to look forward to. With the vocational training allowance for young people are supported to make a company or non-company vocational training. 1. August 2019, the maximum amount was increased from 622 to 716 euros. the go To 1. August of this year, he is now on the rise again now 723 euros.

8. Education professions 1. August new

On 1 designed. August begins the new year of training. The special Elf training occupation to be taught as new. They were last redesigned in order to be of the new, more digital work world. Some of the regulations were already older than 20 years.

the new regulations, the following courses are Affected:

  • Bank clerk
  • Biologielaborant/in
  • chemistry laboratory technician/in
  • it specialist
  • in-house economist/in
  • IT-System electronics technician/in
  • a businessman/-woman for digitisation management
  • a businessman/woman for Wholesale and foreign trade management
  • Kaufmann/-frau für IT-System-Management
  • paint laboratory technician/in
  • media designer in picture and sound
9. Amazon Prime for students and trainees

could only test for 6 months for free so Far students and trainee membership in Amazon Prime for a whole year for free. the The shipping giant to take advantage of this now, however by half - from August of the free trial period is only for six months. up to 29. July will be able to ensure students and apprentices, the Premium access, but still free for one year, before the Change enters into force. Everything that is Important to learn here.

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