Corona, in Spite of Open Air cultural festival in Irschenberg Premiere | Irschenberg

concerts and cabaret live in a picnic atmosphere: when coupling the summer of Irschenberg on the equestrian of the family Otten. A cultural Open-Air in spite of

Corona, in Spite of Open Air cultural festival in Irschenberg Premiere | Irschenberg

concerts and cabaret live in a picnic atmosphere: when coupling the summer of Irschenberg on the equestrian of the family Otten. A cultural Open-Air in spite of the Corona.

Irschenberg – That summer in Corona-the year 2020 is still a culture would bring to the festival – which would have hardly believed more. The family Otten makes it possible: As the Open Air on your equestrian facility 5 starts on Sunday. In July, the first coupling summer Irschenberg. For two months, almost every weekend, musicians and comedians, including Michael Altinger and Constanze Lindner.

It strange it seems almost that there was no cultural programme at the horse-riding facility in deer mountain, than the other way around. The family Otten, who runs the riding school since 2007, has not horses only love, but also to the theatre in the blood. Her Grand father, tells Katja Otten, has loved the theatre.

When he came to the Second world war and the Russian war captivity on the way home to Neubiberg – fortunately, because that's exactly where it had, in the meantime, his woman – he joined the local theatre Association. "He was, of course, always the cost," says Katja Otten, and laughs: "If people wanted to propose at the end of the Preißn favorite, he was really proud that he has played so well."

The family has not only a passion for horses, but also for the stage

The stage of passion, he bequeathed to his daughter Barbara, who worked from childhood on the national stage, Neubiberg, Germany Barbara Otten led the stage even 20 years, and directed many popular, even demanding people's pieces, such as the "farmer diplomat" – and was, in turn, together with her husband Wolfgang, the daughters Franziska and Katja of small with the passion for the Theater.

Nevertheless, Katja Otten took me about ten years, until they had convinced their parents, the family tradition in Irschenberg to continue. This year the spring festival, the family: they want to use the already for events such as weddings, a converted old carriage house for theatre projects. The Ottens were just about to start to make to combine contacts the local Theater and to find comrades-in-arms – as Corona came.

First of all, other Concerns were also at the stables in the foreground, because over the weeks of riding lessons was prohibited. However, as all deliveries made Katja Otten, her parents and sister Franziska, the continuing Plight of the cultural scene to be a virtue. For while events in the inside rooms in Essen stages - such as the Miesbacher Waitzinger Keller or the wooden Kirchner culture in the Oberbräu - because of the strict conditions often not cost-effective to implement, has concerts, the riding facility in Schwaig 9 plenty of Outdoor space for picnic.

in The first coupling the summer of Irschenberg are well-known artists

The family Otten has spent all their money, and for around 8000 Euro a covered stage with an area of 46 square meters purchased, which is currently being set up – a rent would have been cheaper. A thickness of investment in uncertain Corona-times. But the family also wants to be no flash in the pan: "The stage we can use in the next few years," says Katja Otten – even if there are still no concrete plans.

For now to only go once the first coupling summer Irschenberg on the stage. The family offers thanks to their contacts in the cultural scene at the Premiere with well-known artists: With about Michael Altinger and Constanze Lindner, Roland Hefter and Martin Weiherer, or Bastian Pusch and Andreas speck man "Notenlos are".

picnic concerts in hillside

The stage in front of a meadow that nestles almost like a cauldron around them, and thus to the audience from any Position, good acoustics, and almost free, even if the man in front of you should unpack the folding chair, assured Katja Otten. The visitors are allowed to cover bring camping chairs as well as Picnic, also umbrellas are allowed. But not food and drinks. For hosting with snacks and drinks, the family tent in a Gastro. The "program point" is important, explains Katja Otten: "The price of admission, nothing remains for us as the organizer left."

Practical problems with the minimum Katja Otten not expect: "We have already made so long as thoughts about how we solve this – we have run-way, one-way regulations, and defined Seating areas." Only one of the family is working on a solution: recently, ten persons may again in the Free sit together. "We are considering can offer, how we can areas for groups. Because group bookings are not possible, everyone has to buy an Online Ticket individually.“ This is due to Corona: So, the organizers automatically have a list of the actual visitors, just in case.

Tickets and info on the website of the coupling summer Irschenberg.

Katrin Hager

Updated Date: 27 June 2020, 02:33

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