Corona-Party: police celebrates in Mainz in restaurant – host shows yourself to the world

Corona Party: A group of police has celebrated in Mainz in a restaurant – without the Corona rules. This has now also consequences for the host. Corona Party

Corona-Party: police celebrates in Mainz in restaurant – host shows yourself to the world

Corona Party: A group of police has celebrated in Mainz in a restaurant – without the Corona rules. This has now also consequences for the host.

Corona Party : police are celebrating on Monday (18.05.2020) in a restaurant to Mainz . They do not adhere to the Corona*-rules : they have neither Mouth guard still hold the prescribed distance. The police in Mainz has launched an internal investigation; the host shows itself.

Update from Friday, 22.05.2020, 18.57 PM: The case caused a sensation: Despite the Corona-regulations a group of police has beaten in a pub in Mainz over-the-top. Long celebrated, with too little distance , and without Mouth guard . Until 22 o'clock the pub would have been allowed to open, but this curfew have broken the police officers in their "closed society". The maximum number of allowed guests has been exceeded in the case of the Corona Party the police also.

The host the pub Mainz has now drawn the consequences and after the Corona Party auto display be refunded, according to the "Merkurist". Furthermore, the host speaks to the allegations that nearly 40 people had celebrated in his pub. There is a maximum of 25 to 27 had been Partying. But the Celebration until after 22 clock would take, for the host would like to take up the responsibility of the Portal. In addition to the self-display he wanted to donate money, which he had taken after 22 o'clock.

Without distance and mouth protection: police celebrates Corona Party that now has consequences

Update from Thursday, 21.05.2020, 20.48 PM: A group of police officers in Mainz has celebrated in a pub in the old town for longer than allowed. In addition, you have not complied with the in the Corona-crisis required distance. To be the incident on Monday (18.05.2020) now for more Details.

occasion of the meeting in the restaurant was to be transported the day of the Rhineland-Palatinate police, said a spokesman for the police Mainz . On the other, have taken place on this day, the funeral of an unexpectedly deceased colleagues. This is the police could not attend because of the Corona-requirements .

Up to 40 people at the Corona Party, the police in Mainz: Disciplinary consequences

had First reserved the spokesman reported that ten to twelve officials properly seats in the restaurant. In the course of the Evening, the number of visitors should be increased, according to witnesses, up to 40. An exact number, the police are not called. As a spokesman for the police said Bureau in Mainz, will be subject to disciplinary examined the legal consequences for the officials.

first message of Thursday, 21.05.2020, 16.10 PM: Mainz – the Whole massif is a group of police on Monday (18.05.2020) in Mainz to be in breach of the Corona-regulation* have. In a restaurant in the old town you have celebrated too long without the necessary minimum distance and without wearing mouth protection.

police celebrates Corona Party in a restaurant in Mainz – without distance and mouth protection

officials of The police were reserved first, "properly places and in a small number there, stopped", informed the police Mainz on Wednesday (20.05.2020). In the course of the Evening, but I have increased the number of guests up to 40. A majority of the guests of the Corona Party had been police officers.

It have been compiled according to the police neither distances effectively mouth-nose masks . Also, the restaurant had been open longer than until the Corona time is allowed time 22 PM.

Corona in Mainz, Germany: police are celebrating in a restaurant – an Internal investigation launched

The police headquarters of Mainz be "through a press inquiry on violations of the 7. CoBelVo (Corona-Abatement Ordinance, Editor's Note. d. Red.) the police have been informed,“ - said in a message to the police. "This behavior is by no means a minor offense and will be elucidated with the utmost determination."

The police Bureau shall examine, as a result of the Corona Party according to information from disciplinary action. "It is for the leadership of the police to Mainz is not acceptable, that's obviously a small group of police officers damages the good Reputation of the Mainz police with this intolerable behavior."

police solves Corona-parties

Normally, the police no Corona-parties celebrates , but on solves this. So, for example, in Hanau, Germany, where the police tightened Corona-checks, because at the Kinzig arc to meet many young people. Not always, but peacefully, when the police Corona resolves to parties: the Case of Darmstadt, a man at a barbecue party, has attacked the COP then he was stopped by a police dog.


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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 05:34

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