Conversion of the VW top of a head went to Diess advance | business

it has not crashed at VW for a long time: in Front of other managers, the chief puts the integrity of the Supervisory Board in question, and accuses inspectors

Conversion of the VW top of a head went to Diess advance | business

it has not crashed at VW for a long time: in Front of other managers, the chief puts the integrity of the Supervisory Board in question, and accuses inspectors offences. Is the loss of the brand management of the price, the Diess? Other conflicts with the swing.

Wolfsburg (dpa) - The nerves in Wolfsburg. Once again. But currently, as clearly as, perhaps since the beginning of the "diesel's gate" almost five years ago, not more.

VW group boss Herbert Diess is the leadership of the main brand in the largest car group in the world. Voluntarily and at his / her discretion, or he has to give you? It is a last warning to the offensive and dashing occurring Manager, after in the past few months, the problems and communication accumulated margins? Official presentation: This should get "more free space" for strategic tasks. Unofficial reading of so many: He could still be glad to at least get to the group as a whole more taxes.

In the case of Volkswagen, they are power struggles, conflicts of Interest and other disputes, almost already accustomed to - to the chagrin of the employees see your company in a bad light. Now, however, the top Manager has spanned in a dispute over the responsibility for any errors in the bow perhaps.

in Front of more than 3000 managers Diess defendant in a video conference on the piercing of sensitive information to the difficulties with which the manufacturer has. The flagship Golf 8, the production is lagging behind the targets dramatically, Software problems plague the model, many employees feel with the increasing pressure of left alone.

the billion dollar hope ID.3 is delayed. In the case of the car-buying premium Diess not ventured with claims far have predicted. The first, as abwiegelnd perceived communication around a racist Internet advertising video. And the question is whether in such a situation Diess' alleged desire for an early contract extension as appropriate.

crack Only the influence of trust in people of the IG metal, the patience, rich thread. In an unprecedented action, the Board of Directors by open letter over a long distance, the distrust. We are worried, "increasingly solid", miss a clear crisis strategy to the production problems, as well as to the public image, the donor VW.

felt But This seems to be attacked, because the internals had been scattered. Last week he had to explain to the Supervisory Board. In what followed, last Thursday, in the Manager round, then, will have married some of those present hardly your ears.

"The incidents in the Supervisory Board in the last week, and the communication about what is happening in the Supervisory Board," said Diess help the company. "They are also a sign of a lack of integrity and Compliance. These are crimes that can happen in the Supervisory Board, the Presidium and, apparently, associated with it." You have to be careful not to "that of the Supervisory Board, which is our ultimate body, it weakens the principle of us because in this Position". The sat. However, not only the other managers, but also with the so-operation of the public inspectors criticised.

A group spokesman said it was This' intention to use the own tire on the rather suit. In the closest circle of power inspector, Hans Dieter Pötsch, representatives of the Porsche and Piëch families, lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), IG-metal-Chef Jörg Hofmann and high councils to sit next to the Chief. "Dr. Diess didn't want to Express that the members of the Supervisory Board liable to prosecution have made," said VW. The Statements had been made "in the context of press reports, to reach for the basis, in repeated cases, obviously, confidential information also topics of the Supervisory Board of media".

Nevertheless, some felt this Undermined the authority of the senior panel. This is shortly before the expulsion stood, it is sometimes said, especially formal and legal concerns would have prevented some of the makers thereof.

The idea is to make the experienced Ralf Brandstätter from the Co-Director of the core brand to be surgically alone competent chief of the vehicles with the VW Logo, however, there have been also, regardless of the recent escalation of Tensions. Some commentators also doubt whether it is a happy decision to take This case all the criticism, ironically, in the current difficult Phase, the main brand.

Not a secret is that it is, in particular, between the works Council chief, Bernd Osterloh, and This has long been on the rocks. Already in the austerity program of the "future Pact" were both violent to each other, as the then brand new chief had just come fresh from the BMW. Then something like a castle, peace reigned over some period of time. In connection with the difficult Golf-8-start-up - the Diess in social networks is a great success, what triggers to shake the bands of partially head - ignited the conflict of the new.

by now, the Manager, previously head of the group and its core brand in a personal Union, is likely to be in for a tricky test. He had excused his Remarks as "inappropriate and wrong", was called it from the control panel. "The members of the Supervisory Board have accepted the apology of Dr. Diess and will support him in the future in his work."

The Porsche/Piëch Clan, is convinced of This' Management qualities and future-orientation, is - for the time being, also continue to the PhD production engineers. "Mr Diess has apologized in all Form", the VW majority shareholder to explain - jointed, but a clear reminder. "It is also clear that The company must now come into calmer water."

Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 21:33

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