Citroën C4 e-C4: All data and pictures

With the Citroën C4, the PSA group sends a further 4,36 Meter Crossover in the race for the customer's favour. The Frenchman is on the "Common Modular Platfor

Citroën C4 e-C4: All data and pictures

With the Citroën C4, the PSA group sends a further 4,36 Meter Crossover in the race for the customer's favour. The Frenchman is on the "Common Modular Platform" (CMP) architecture, the Opel Corsa or the Peugeot 208 and even the upcoming Opel Mokka will be available. The Citroën C4 is immediately recognizable as a member of the French family of brands: the slit eye, the narrow grille with the characteristic double-angle, and the coupé-like lines, convey sportiness.

However, on the visual promise only contingent facts follow. The electric powertrain of the Citroën e-C4 is, in fact, identical to the one of the Corsa-e. The electric motor makes 100 kW / 136 HP and has a torque of 260 Newton meters. Thus, the Stromer reached in 9.7 seconds to 100 km/h and up to 150 km/h is fast. Nimble enough to be in the city's in-flight progress. Citroën C4 Citroën C4 e-C4

As in the Opel also is installed in the e-C4 a 50 kilo-watt-hour battery, the energy for a maximum range of 350 kilometres, provides. The Citroën e-C4 is a three-phase eleven-kW onboard charger is fitted, so that the empty battery in around five hours are full again. A 100 kW fast-charging station, the battery is filled again after 30 minutes to 80 per cent.

petrol engines with 100 and 130 PS

Also in the internal combustion engines of the conventionally-powered Citroën C4, there are well-Known: The base gasoline engine with 74 kW / 100 HP combined with a six-speed manual transmission, while the 96 kW / 130 HP, eight-speed is also automatic and the Top petrol engine is only available with the eight-speed automatic available. The 81 kW / 110 PS Diesel is coupled with six-speed manual transmission, while the 96 kW / 130 HP compression-ignition engine, the eight-speed automatic performs its service. Despite the Crossover of optic to get for any of the models, a allradan rubbed to. press-inform / Citroën, The passenger has a retractable holder for Tablet

The comfort want to tie the Frenchman back to old times and buy the Citroën C4, the "Advanced Comfort package" consisting of better Seats, a stiffer body and the ölgelagerten suspension concept. In the interior, the French play more on the comfort and the practicality card: A retractable tablet holder for the front passenger, 16 shelves, in the 39-litre fit and plenty of room in the back seat to make the Ride in the C4 for all the passengers to the pleasure. An extensive insulation to reduce the noise level and the large glass surfaces let in plenty of light into the interior.

a Total of 20 assistance systems support the driver. Including a congestion assistant with Stop and Go and lane keeping function, a Head-Up Display with a fold-out disc, a front collision warning system and a 180 degree camera. The Infotainment center is a ten-inch touch screen. The Smartphone is integrated via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and as a special treat, the driver is able to record by camera field of view and save. The navigation system uses TomTom real-time data traffic. The Citroën C4 is likely to be the end of the year at the dealer. These seven Life Hacks everyone should know, loves his car PCP should be aware of These seven Life Hacks everyone who loves his car

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Updated Date: 02 July 2020, 14:27

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