Champions League: the UEFA decision-making fix! Final places are - Great joy in Munich | football

Europa League: UEFA awards the Final of the tournament after North Rhine-Westphalia. Also in the case of the continuation of the Champions League, a decision is

Champions League: the UEFA decision-making fix! Final places are - Great joy in Munich | football

Europa League: UEFA awards the Final of the tournament after North Rhine-Westphalia. Also in the case of the continuation of the Champions League, a decision is made.

the Corona-crisis UEFA have been interrupted-club competitions. Now should take place for the Europa League a final tournament, the place is still. The DFB is applying with some Bundesliga*stadiums at UEFA .

Update from 17. June, 15.45 PM: Now it's official! The final of Europa League will take place in Cologne, Germany. The final the Champions League to Lisbon .

outstanding matches of the Europa League, from the quarter-final in Düsseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg and the Endspielort Cologne.

The decisive Phase of the Champions League increases after the Corona break in the Lisbon , such as the Executive Committee of the European football Union, UEFA ruled on Wednesday.

In addition, the Re-launch of the king class on the 7. and 8. August set. To this date, the remaining eighth will be played finals. From the quarter-finals (12.-15.) the K. o round begins with each one of the games, so without a return game.

The semifinals will take place on 18. and 19. August, the final on 23. August. This venue is always Lisbon.

In addition, UEFA confirmed that the the final of the Champions League in 2023 in Munich .

Europa League: final in Germany! Also the Champions League-a change of venue is called

+ The MERCURY GAME-ARENA, Fortuna Düsseldorf could soon be the European venue League.©dpa / Sascha Schuermann

Update 16. June, 15.59 PM: , The UEFA has decided, apparently, where the final of the Europa League will take place. A report by the Italian Corriere dello Sport after the final of the tournament will be held in the four cities of Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt and Cologne. According to the image of the final rises in Cologne, Germany.

the winner of The EL. according to the report in the period between 10 and the 21. August to be determined.

The Champions League is played, therefore, probably in Lisbon, and the between the 12. 23. August. The quarter-finals are between the 12. 15. August, the semi-finals on may 18. and 19. August and the final on 23. August will be played.

By CL-rejection: DFB-item"> first message from the 12 competes with two regions for the Europa League final tournament

Frankfurt - The Corona-the crisis has brought chaos in the football calendar* powerful, now, the operation in each of the leagues is continued. Also for the Champions League*, a solution seems to emerge, most recently, the city of Madrid itself brought the harvest into the conversation. On the track, only Europe has so far remained League*, which could now be used in USA to continue.

Europa League final in Germany? The DFB is sending two regions into the race

Similar to the "king's class" the UEFA is planning a finals with all the remaining Teams, which would be continued with the remaining eighth-final games. Such as sports buzzer, and image reports, wants to apply the German football Association with four cities in North Rhine-Westphalia for the tournament final. The multi functional League-arenas* in Gelsenkirchen , Düsseldorf and Cologne , as well as the stadium in Duisburg be nominated in the UEFA as venues. Dortmund and Mönchengladbach rejected according to the report, the request of the DFB.

The final decision will be on 17. and 18. June met, if the UEFA Executive Committee , the DFB Vice-President Rainer Koch a meeting. Another candidate for the orientation to be - as in the case of the Champions League-continued - Frankfurt . Together with the surrounding stages in Wiesbaden , Sinsheim and Mainz the city could host the tournament. The contract for the Champions League final tournament in Frankfurt do not get, however, Lisbon is considered to be a favorite.

Europa-League-final tournament: UEFA favours a Region - DFB has item Seehofer's support

By the Champions League-cancellation increase the chances of a future host of the Europa League on the Federal territory. One of the two by the DFB proposed regions, however, has a huge plus point . Frankfurt and Wiesbaden (Hesse), Sinsheim (Baden-Württemberg) and Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate) is located in three different länder and are thus subject to different hygiene requirements. Gelsenkirchen, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Cologne are both in North Rhine-Westphalia, and can provide a great advantage . Also, the UEFA to support the NRW Plan in accordance with the image information.

The idea is to be assumed that the image-according to a report by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin that is asked DFB President Fritz Keller , whether such a tournament was possible. The basement is said to have obtained already the Federal Minister of the interior, Host Seehofer call to get the political support for the project of UEFA.


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Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 10:34