Castex : the deputies LREM want more than a speech - The Point

" This policy statement is balance by an outcome of a vote without appeal (345 to). It is a very good score for this first act of trust that we asked the First

Castex : the deputies LREM want more than a speech - The Point

" This policy statement is balance by an outcome of a vote without appeal (345 to). It is a very good score for this first act of trust that we asked the First minister and to the government, " it said, after the vote, Gilles, The Son-in-law, the president of group LREM to the national Assembly. The prophet would not wait for the actual count of the votes of his group... And display a smile of relief when one of his employees confirmed that, in his group, none failed except for the one of the member of parliament for Guadeloupe Olivier Serva, who abstained. And this, even if Jean Castex doing less well that Edward Philippe, which had amounted to $ 363 votes in the June 12, 2019.

A relief short-lived as the leader of the deputies LREM has finally announced, in a letter sent this morning to his colleagues that he would leave office in September. More and more openly criticised by his troops, Gilles, The Son-in-law believes that" a change in the chairman of the group is required to inject a new impetus ". It must be said that on Thursday morning, before the general policy speech of the Prime minister, at the meeting of the group LREM, the disaffected had once again growled. Several members of parliament had not hesitated to hide their disappointment at the interview given on 14 July by the president of the Republic. They had found their champion on the defensive and playing too much, their taste, and on the register of contrition.

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Some still want to believe

Result : pending vis-à-vis the Prime minister seemed to be so much greater. "I'm waiting for a calendar and the concrete. The French want a path which will lead them to the end of the tunnel to get out of the crisis ", highlighted Anne-Christine Lang, member of LREM of Paris, before entering the chamber. They were so many, the hope is that Jean Castex, accurate and trace finally a clear path to the end of the quinquennium. "He'll have to be long and accurate ", let go of another.

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The Prime minister has he been able to respond to this impatience, and to convince the parliamentary majority ? In the light of the outcome of the vote of confidence, the answer to this question is clear and sharp. And many still want to believe it. "Jean Castex has a nice inventory of things to do for 600 days remaining until the end of the quinquennium. The path is very ambitious and the roadmap is complete, " notes Stéphane Mazars, member of LREM of the Aveyron. This is also the opinion of Fabien Matras, deputy of the Var : "expectations are high, we need to achieve and the method presented in leaving the opportunity. The stimulus package of $ 100 billion, as it has been announced and detailed, trace the ambitions are immediate and those which will shape a future society that is more just and with more solidarity. "

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reservations remain...

It's weird. Within the group, of the reservations and concerns remain. "The Prime minister has made a speech without surprise, noted Pacôme Rupin, mp LREM Paris. The question is whether the social dialogue, as advocated by Jean Castex will not prevent us to go to the end of our reforms, and this, in a budgetary framework that is reasonable. "And this former entrepreneur recalled :" The crisis of 2008 has led to an explosion of sovereign debt three-four years later... The protection has a cost, and France already has a level of debt is very high. "They are, and some feared that the pension reform does not get lost in the dialogue and is postponed sine die.

For fans of Edward Philip, " the new Prime minister's lack of breath." Suspicious, they point out that the fine words are not enough and that there needs to be evidence... For the others, he is the man suitable to carry out the battle, to involve the territories in the stimulus and to restore the faith to the members. "I welcome his willingness to involve more parliamentarians including by presenting a status of the deployment of the recovery plan and of the measures taken," says Fabien Matras.

the fact Remains that, if the day is finished, the result promises to be difficult. The future appointment of the secretaries of State continues to agitate the minds. "The number of members hoping to be appointed secretary of State continues to grow ", if alarm a member of the group LREM. This bodes many disappointments that you will need to manage. "The group grew from the desire to disruptive to the fear of the deceptive.

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