Care arm: own contribution for home care increases to more than 2000 Euro

For care, the care for the needy in the home getting more and more expensive and more expensive. In the Federal-wide section of the self-the number of shares in

Care arm: own contribution for home care increases to more than 2000 Euro

For care, the care for the needy in the home getting more and more expensive and more expensive. In the Federal-wide section of the self-the number of shares increased to now about the brand of 2000 euros a month as from data of the Association of the substitute funds with state 1. July shows. Therefore, on average, in 2015 the Euro are now due and in order to 124 euros more than in mid-2019. However, there are still large regional differences. In view of the re-cost of jumps, the pressure on the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), to provide for relief grows - the Corona-crisis, slowing a long-term care reform last.

The co-payments to rise for years, the burden falls to but, depending on the Bundesland. The expensive places are still in North Rhine-Westphalia with an average of 2405 Euro and the lowest in Saxony-Anhalt with 1436 euros. The totals include the own contribution for the pure care. Because the nursing care insurance - unlike health insurance - only a part of the cost. For residents, costs for accommodation, meals, as well as for investment in the homes to come also.

care-related share increases in the nationwide average at 786 euros a month

The costs are rising on all fronts. The purely care-related equity percentage increased now, in the nationwide average at 786 euros a month, after it to 1. July 2019 693 euros had been. Nationwide to the highest, he is still in the state of Baden-Württemberg, now with an average of 1062 euros. It Berlin 992 euros, and Bayern with 938 Euro. Significantly less in Thuringia with 490 Euro, in Saxony-Anhalt with 560 Euro and in Saxony with 595 Euro. the How much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

Also increased the costs for accommodation and meals: In the Federal section, you lie with 774 Euro to 747 Euro in mid-2019. The margin ranges from 588 Euro in Saxony-Anhalt up to 1036 euros in NRW. Slightly high, the co-payments for investments in the facilities: the national average of 451 Euro to 455 Euro.

Spahn wants to start the debate on a basic-care reform in the fall. Then it should also be clear how the pandemic is affecting the welfare funds. On the table various proposals have already and the Problem is likely to be even greater. In the aging society, more people will take care. According to the data of the statutory health insurance, the number of beneficiaries is increased alone from 2018 to 2019 to almost 200 000 to 3.9 million. The expenditure grew by € 2.5 billion to € 40.7 billion.

"care arm. This has been known for years“

The German Foundation for patient protection called speed. "Care arm. This has been known for years,“ said management Board Eugen Brysch of the German press Agency. "Many of the 818 000 residents to go financially, long on the gums." Spahns was Hesitate inexplicable. "Finally, he may have not sent all the officials of the maintenance Department due to Corona in which short-time work." Entitled to wage increases in the care of the elderly could no longer be in need of care worn. Chief financial officer - Live will-Online-conference on 3. August!

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the DGB-Board member Anja Piel criticized: "The risk of poverty for people in need of care is rising and rising, while the Minister of health is in the word, to get a affordable solution, for sure." Sufficient staff and across the Board tariff payment should not lead to that good care will be unaffordable. The President of the social Association VdK, Verena Bentele, told the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Friday): "We need a full nursing care insurance, which covers all care-related costs." The equity shares to fall.

proposal: Performance payments from the nursing care insurance unique

lifting the Head of The Association of the substitute funds, Ulrike Elsner, proposed as a short-term possibility, the amounts of nursing care insurance is unique to raise. This could, for example, to compensate for additional costs due to higher wages in care homes. Elsner also stressed: "As the financial situation of care insurance in the face of increasingly severe, we need to grant a permanent Tax." Promised one-off 1.8 billion euros due to the Corona-crisis-could ease the situation only temporarily, she told the German press Agency.

Left-boss Bernd Riexinger criticized: "care arm, and Spahn is watching. This is a sad development for many years, and it is getting worse.“ Financing care-related services, had to be abolished by own shares. Kordula Schulz-ash (Green) demanded to stop the Trend of ever-rising deductibles finally. This should be reduced and permanently capped. Nicole Westig (FDP) said: "the fact That residents of nursing homes costs through levies for investment and even for the training will be charged to, is no longer acceptable."

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Date Of Update: 02 August 2020, 04:26

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