Car market: people want sports cars, motorcycles, and RVS

The Corona-crisis, the German economy grew strongly shaken, but the long-term effects are not yet discernible. Even if the dealerships were allowed to open at t

Car market: people want sports cars, motorcycles, and RVS

The Corona-crisis, the German economy grew strongly shaken, but the long-term effects are not yet discernible. Even if the dealerships were allowed to open at the end of April, under strict conditions, the automotive industry is one of the most severely impacted industries. But every crisis also offers a Chance.

The pandemic was, and remains, a shock to the economy as a whole. Of course, the automotive trade in March and April, has suffered break-ins. The focus of the German has shifted, especially in the first weeks of the crisis. However, the situation has stabilized significantly and faster than many would have suspected. We see it on the vehicle offer that is ours alone to with around 1.7 million vehicles as large as ever before, and also at the purchase interest of the consumer, has almost reached the level before the crisis. The majority of those who had planned to buy a car, want to continue to perform directly or to a maximum of three months to move.

So, back to the Old one? Not quite. The way we buy cars and sell has changed. And also the vehicles which the drivers are looking for in this country especially.

The new reality: holidays in their own country

compared to The total market, the calls of "fun providers like" how sports cars and motorcycles , both in the month year-on-year increased immensely, with Nearly 26 percent more calls in sports cars, and a Plus of 40 percent of motorcycles are far more than seasonal fluctuations. By far the biggest change we see, however, in the case of campers . Although the advertisement calls have increased "only" by 10 percent, but in contrast, the prices in (plus 8 percent compared to the prior-year period) and the days fall. Days the indicator for the sale duration, so the time it takes from the publication of the advertisement to sale the vehicle for us. The new reality seems to be for the people to arrive - the Germans prepare for the holiday in Germany. The lame to a crutch, or a brilliant engine? The eight largest four-cylinder-mistakes PCP Lame crutch, or a brilliant engine? The eight largest four-cylinder-errors

interest in cars despite the crisis, large

The buying interest is still there, even the purchase intentions are affected by the crisis only marginally. A recent survey shows. One in seven (14 per cent) would like to buy despite the crisis, currently a car. Of those who currently do not plan to purchase, have, however, only 9 percent of the pandemic affect. On the other hand we have asked our users what their buying intentions and also the interest in the car buying and selling continues to be present, 59 per cent did not want to postpone the purchase of cars because of the crisis. Of those who wait, but rather wants to buy every second (51 percent) of prospective buyer at the latest within 2-3 months after the crisis a new car. About the experts

Malte Kruger (44) managing Director of GmbH, the Germany's largest New and used cars operates portal and Europe's largest car Community Motor - Talk. Kruger was previously, among other things, head of "Product Management and Business Development" at AutoScout24 and built in 2006, the review platform auto Plenum.
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This desire and reality when buying a car for a lot of people apart are still far: Only one percent of the buying process really satisfied. So do not feel, for example, every second customer is well informed enough when it comes to the evaluation of price, the dealer and the vehicle. But also the organization of test drives, the sale of the old vehicle and the issue of funding often lead to dissatisfaction.

Digital buying a car: The car trade will be

change And actually has changed the way we buy cars and sell already. We are witnessing a digital transformation and service thrust of the car trade. More and more retailers offer, for example, personal video tours of the cars and bring them in to test-drive up to the front door of the customer. Most of the steps on the way to a new vehicle can make the car buyers from the comfort of home. And that is one of the small bright spots in the current crisis: accelerating the modernization of an entire industry. Warning of the Red cross: New Super-tick spreads in Germany, FOCUS Online warning of the Red cross: New Super-tick spreads in Germany recommendations informed by this Reading for the weekend

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  • break on the car market: people want to threaten sports cars, motorcycles, and RV's

Germany's key industry a long losing streak, but the interest in the car is greater than ever. CEO Malte Krüger says, how Corona will change our way to buy cars, and what cars are suddenly the most sought-after.

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 06:28

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