CDU: Philip Amthor gives error: I'm not for sale - lobbying-charge | policy

The CDU member of Parliament Philip Amthor has admitted on Facebook publicly is a mistake. The reason: lobbying for a US company - seemingly not without conside

CDU: Philip Amthor gives error: I'm not for sale - lobbying-charge | policy

The CDU member of Parliament Philip Amthor has admitted on Facebook publicly is a mistake. The reason: lobbying for a US company - seemingly not without consideration.

The CDU member of Parliament Philip Amthor has said is now public to lobbying-allegations against him. He has recommended to 2018, a US Start-up, Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). Seemingly without consideration. The 27-Year-old is now giving a statement on Facebook.

Berlin - The CDU member of Parliament Philip Amthor has now admitted publicly error in connection with lobbying for the New York company Augustus Intelligence in. On his Facebook page, he admitted: "It was a mistake".

For the Start-up of the USA had recruited the 27-year-old Union leaders in a letter to Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and the seemingly not without consideration. Earlier, the Spiegel had reported. The draft of the letter submitted to the magazine, was written in September 2018 on the letter paper of the German Bundestag and in front of the Ship, in company courses. In the fact Amthor have. the Start-up, praised, and Altmaier, head of the political support requested The Letter was on 2. October in the Ministry of economy received.

Amthor apologizes on Facebook: CDU-talent sets Post

On his Facebook page Amthor now writes that he had made "politically vulnerable". And further: "My commitment to the company, in hindsight, not my own claims to the perception of my our political tasks ." He had drawn consequences, and its next activity completed.

Already in mid 2018, it stated, according to the research of the level in the internal communication of the company, that the politicians "will be good for us". For the letter employees Amthor would have celebrated : He was "a Horny guy" have it told, "we have to thank real for him". Two months later, Augustus-Manager should have, therefore, together with Amthor twice the then parliamentary Secretary of state in the Ministry of economy, Christian shepherd, made.

Philip Amthor (CDU) admits to Facebook "error"

Amthor , who had compared themselves with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has benefited from his commitment to the company, according to the mirror quite possibly personally . He had a minimum of get 2817, stock options, and have a post of Director. Amthor also the travel and visits undertaken in expensive Hotels with Augustus-employees. On the mirror-requests, who have borne the cost, didn't Amthor replied.

The mirror according to the former the protection of the Constitution boss, Hans-Georg Maaßen , the former BND chief August Hanning , as well as the former Minister of defence, Karl-Theodor will have to Guttenberg Connections to the company and its founders.

"I'm not for sale," writes Amthor in his Facebook apology. But this statement is not in criticism. "If someone is lobbying for a company, of which he later receives stock options and a Director, brought the impression of venality ," said the Chairman of the Transparency international , Hartmut Bäumer. An apology is not sufficient in the case of Amthor , Transparency International's call for a "full investigation". Also a "criminal" is possible. In any case, the previous notification obligations for members of the Bundestag would have to be tightened.

criticism also comes from the Jusos. So Ben Schneider, Deputy Chairman of the SPD-Marzahn-Nord writes on Twitter that Amthor had not owned up to his mistake on the basis of inspection of imported - but rather because he was "caught". "This is not a backbone. This is opportunism,“ in the living room cutter.

lobby scandal to Philip Amthor (CDU)? Politician admits error

Amthor is in the CDU as a Junior talent . Nearly one and a half years prior to the state election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern he has good chances of winning the party chairmanship in the state. The country-CDU is missing after the surprising resignation of the Chairman, Vincent a elected party leadership Kokert since March. Amthor is currently the only candidate for the country's presidency. A choice Congress could take place, according to Amthor in August. He does not exclude also a top candidate for the state election. According to a survey by the CDU outdated in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the last of the Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig led the SPD in the polls significantly.

Amthor had made in the past year, even with his strong stance against the Swedish climate protection activist Greta Thunberg Attention. Outrage he received recently for statements on the NS-crushing lung camp of Auschwitz. Also, he is considered a friend of the former the protection of the Constitution, the heads of Hans-Georg Maaßen in the ZDF Talk show, Markus Lanz, he said - and was mocked by their own colleagues.

Updated Date: 13 June 2020, 08:34

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