Burning batteries: Can be deleted, electric cars? | Car

electric cars will always be said again that you are deleting, in case of a fire hardly. Is that true or is there more to it? Always hear a lot of electric ca

Burning batteries: Can be deleted, electric cars? | Car

electric cars will always be said again that you are deleting, in case of a fire hardly. Is that true or is there more to it?

Always hear a lot of electric cars, gone to accidents up in flames - flames that were difficult to bring under control. A spectacular case of a Tesla driver in Tirol made in 2017 for a lot of discussion: As you bounced with the Model S against the guard rail, broke out in a vehicle fire and the Tesla had to completely burn out, because he's going to try for Extinguishing re in the flames erupted.

Also in Dreieich (Offenbach) were the firefighters faced a difficult task after an electric sports car was involved in an accident. They did not know where the power cables ran and feared, therefore, an electric shock. But is it really true that electric cars and their batteries are not to be deleted?

So electric cars are to be deleted as difficult to

If an electric car gets in fire, the is, in most cases, to the battery. The Problem with this is that the batteries of modern E-there are vehicles made up of hundreds of individual battery cells. the Once a battery cell is damaged, a chain reaction in the Form of a permanent short-circuits possible - from cell to cell, causing the fire again and again is kindled . Therefore, the Delete of an electric represents cars, so great - or at least a new challenge for firefighters.

Andreas Ruhs, fire-protection expert of the Frankfurt fire brigade, said in an interview with the Hesse show: "Actually, you can't delete it." Instead, you would have to let E-cars, controlled burn out . At least two to three days, to ensure that none of the cells schwele a fire. The safest would be to put the vehicle in a water bath.

Similar statements already Tobias Quintenz, Director of product management of one of the three largest manufacturers of fire-fighting vehicles, by the end of 2018 in an Interview with the Online Portal, time met: "A burning battery can only be cool, cool, cool. For hours, maybe days." According to the manufacturer, Tesla 11,000 liters for the Model S needed a fire truck usually, it is equipped with 1,500 to 2,000 liters , which is enough approximately for a car with a combustion engine or an apartment fire.

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E-vehicles can be deleted - the battery is the problem child

The German fire services Association points out in a Video that the firefighters should approach the fire of an electric car is quite normal: "We use our main extinguishing media water, to create a high and fast cooling effect within the battery and the process speed to reduce," reported Christian Emrich, a firefighter and coordinator for specialist recommendations on the subject of Lithium-ion batteries, therein. There is also no special protective equipment is necessary - only more water to the batteries to cool enough to Transfer to the towing service.

would Generally be the theme within of the fire, a lot of departments discussed how Andreas Ruhs later, the research centre CORRECTIV. Although it is coarse to say that electric cars could not be deleted, but it is to differentiate: " of Course, the main brand, the vehicle is, as well as to delete, otherwise to the . Only the battery is a challenge, because it is cool, but not a hundred percent can be sure that the risk of fire in the cells, in which chemical reactions take place, is eliminated."

The ADAC also explains that the risk of fire in electric cars is relatively low and in case of an accident as safe as conventional cars. The high-voltage system will shut off immediately as soon as the Airbag is triggered.

Meanwhile, Tesla boss Elon Musk provides for jubilation in the East of the Republic: The European factory of the electric car Empire is formed in the vicinity of Berlin. For German suppliers, this is good news.

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