Bruno The Mayor, a minister at the revival - The Point

Bruno The Mayor had the smile of the good days, Wednesday, at Bercy, for the transfer of power with Gérald Darmanin. The minister of Economy and Finance has bee

Bruno The Mayor, a minister at the revival - The Point

Bruno The Mayor had the smile of the good days, Wednesday, at Bercy, for the transfer of power with Gérald Darmanin. The minister of Economy and Finance has been adding to its title of the post the "economic recovery" of which he becomes liable. He recovers in the passage under its wing the responsibility of the public accounts. Minister of full exercise, Gérald Darmanin, promoted to Inside by Emmanuel Macron, is replaced by Olivier Dussopt, minister delegate placed "from" Bruno Le Maire.

The former candidate for the primary of the right claimed for weeks to Emmanuel Macron to have the hands more free to demonstrate more effectiveness to address the crisis. It is, therefore, not a private one to boast, before the journalists, the benefits of" unity of command and, therefore, a capacity of action a lot faster." It was so successful, even if it will not make the budget live.

"I'm doing the split between what is necessary for recovery and what needs to be saved elsewhere," said the one who expects to make "of recovery in the morning, of the stimulus at noon and recovery in the evening" in the face of " the most serious economic crisis since the great depression of 1929 ". The minister does not hide that the worst is yet to come : "The bankruptcies, the layoffs are ahead of us. "

Decentralize the administration

Olivier Dussopt, him, loose his portfolio of the public service, after having conducted a well reform. A promotion for this elected of the Ardèche from the socialist Party, which has displayed without a complex "friendship" tied at Bercy with Gérald Darmanin, close to Nicolas Sarkozy. He will have to tackle, and now, to the preparation of the budget by 2021, marked by the effects of the crisis.

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For the replace, Emmanuel Macron, and Jean Castex, the new Prime minister, turned to former secretary of State for european Affairs, Amélie de Montchalin. This thirty-year outcome of the Finance committee of the national Assembly will no longer be attached to Bercy. It will also be the responsibility of the reform of the State as a minister of Transformation and public Service. This specialist in public finance will implement the project of devolution of administration to be displayed by the executive. It will therefore work in close consultation with Jacqueline Gourault, minister of territorial Cohesion and Relations with the local communities, as well as with the Prime minister himself. The place in which it will install its future offices is not yet fixed.

Towards a decrease of the CVAE

At Bercy, Bruno Le Maire is seen also appoint a third deputy minister, alongside Agnès Pannier-Runacher (Industry), support of small and medium-sized enterprises. Alain Griset was, until now, the president of the U2P, the employers ' organisation for the defence of independent and artisans. This former taxi driver should ensure that the stimulus is also benefiting the small businesses. "I know that I came here with a number of applications which have not all been accepted," he ironisé in the familiar from the outset, the responsible minister, Bruno Le Maire, as a sign of a perfect understanding. He asked the representatives of the administration of Bercy not to forget those whom he still calls "his colleagues" in the preparation of the stimulus measures.

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Bruno The Mayor had replied to him in advance, in his speech : "This will be an economic recovery that will give first attention to the smallest : the self-employed, traders, [...] who have taken this crisis with full force ", has hammered the minister, who does tariait praise on Alain Griset for several days, in small committee.

The minister had been invited through an advertisement to come do an internship in a company to discover the reality of crafts and trade, last year. The U2P was paid a full-page ad in the national press to denounce the disconnection of ministers.

© U2P

The minister of Economy, Finance and the Recovery wants to do in the industry and relocation a priority. He pleads ardently for a reduction of taxes, these levies which weigh heavily on the accounts of the companies before they even know if they have yes or no managed to generate profits. It wants to reduce, in priority to the Contribution on the added value of enterprises (CVAE), which weighs in particular on the industry. The problem is that the revenues of this tax, which reach all the same almost 14 billion euros, will contribute to the budget of the regions. Discussions are underway to set compensation and make swallowing the pill of the barons regional. Bruno The Mayor is confident on its ability to obtain an agreement.

In a note of June 2019, the economists of the economic analysis Council (CAE) recommended to " plan for the abolition of the levy on business added value (CVAE) and, in return, the assignment to local authorities of a fraction of a national tax with the same distribution key that is currently (employment and local land) is calculated at the level of local communities beneficiaries ". They come to submit a supplementary note to the minister at his request and that of the local elected officials.

Bruno The Mayor wants to also limit the public debt created to deal with the crisis, more than 20 points, by allocating a portion of a tax refund that will be spread over 20 years, until 2042. The tool to confine this debt is not yet decided. This could be the Cades, the Fund for the repayment of the social debt, based on the CRDS, or any other body.

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