Brian humiliated in the job centre: Show us how you dries you in the bum

"How dry your butt?" The issue has hit the 50-year-old Brian Larsen from the Solution as a hammer. A man who for many years was active both as a pleasure

Brian humiliated in the job centre: Show us how you dries you in the bum

"How dry your butt?"

The issue has hit the 50-year-old Brian Larsen from the Solution as a hammer.

A man who for many years was active both as a pleasure diver and hunter.

He has cycled over 20 miles each way to and from work and has always been an outgoing man with speed.

Right up until the day he was on the job as lagermand at a business in Vejle got a 20 kilos heavy block of frozen meat down from several meters height and was badly injured in the right shoulder.

He has since also had to live with constant pain in both hands, as he, like the shoulder is operated on. And since 2015 has been a ressourceforløb in Hedensted Municipality, which continues to test what he can possibly contribute.

Bl.a. he has in a period of two hours a week should show whether he is able to squeeze some bolts down through a hole.

He has also put labels on the boxes.

just As he has been asked to put some ‘widgets,’ as he himself calls it, down in the bags.

But at the last meeting, Brian Larsen will be convened at the municipal job centre, where he is going to sit for a caseworker, a supervisor and a business consultant, going with the one in the black for the 50-year-old østjyde.

"At a time says my case officer: 'It is remarkable, that you can't more.' Before I could answer, says virksomhedskonsulenten: 'How to brush your teeth?' And then comes the questions how - bum bum bum - just on top of each other."

"'How do you drink a mug'?' And then: 'How wiping your bum?'," says a clearly touched Brian Larsen B. T., visiting him in his neatly julepyntede home in the Solution.

He is an articulate man and trained in the first reservedelsbranchen and since as an educator, believe in the first place, not his ears, at the meeting at the job center.

"I'm looking at my assessor and around the room. I am completely shocked, and it is she also. Although it is five weeks ago, I am still shocked over it. I ask them then, if I heard right. It is just like with potty training in a kindergarten?"

"I ask you: do you Want to know how I'm wiping my butt? I am 50 years old. I will raise me up in front of you three and show how I'm wiping my butt?," says Brian Larsen, who now have a hard time keeping back the tears.

"When I ask you again, says virksomhedskonsulenten: 'Yes. Get up. Show us how you dry your bum. Show it to us.'"

Brian Larsen is shaken. It is completely quiet in the meeting room.

"It has set itself in the body on me. What I think is strange, is that there are none of them - none - at any time breaks in and says, here is that it is cross-border. I think it is degrading. Humiliating. It is voksenmobning against a person who is sitting in the situation, I do," says Brian Larsen.

Back to the meeting. There is still quiet in the room. No one says anything.

finally, Brian Larsen not stand to be there more.

"I travel me up and go out together with my assessor. When we get out of the car, break the I together. I do like the weeping together. The whole body is shaking after the treatment. I can't even drive home. She does," he says.

That the meeting has come about due to he during the weekly two-hour training does not seem to have put enough labels on the boxes or pushed enough nuts down through the holes.

"One of the aisles comes the supervisor back to me and say: Has you not made more than them there? And I say, as it is, I've done what I can. I can not do more because of the pain in the hands."

In the days after he invited to the meeting, which is held 31. October.

Brian Larsen on sick leave from ressourceforløbet. He has a sore stomach, sore head and have trouble sleeping after the experience at the job centre. And are sometimes still affected by the crying spells.

"I have always liked to work. I paid even for the first skulderoperation at Mølholm, so I could quickly get going again. Now I am so in this situation and experiencing a system that kicks down. As part of the new subclass. I do not think anyone should be treated that way."

B. T. has contacted the mayor of Hedensted Municipality, Kasper Glyngø (S). He is very frustrated and upset by the matter. And lay down flat:

"I can only say sorry to Brian Larsen. This is of course not in order. How should we not speak with our citizens. It should be with propriety and respect. I'm really sorry, he should experience it here," says the mayor, who now has implored employees that it is not in order to go close to the citizens ' intimsfære.

Updated Date: 05 December 2019, 19:00

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