Boxing : back to the competition in the semi-shade in France, after the Covid-19 - The Point

The gala "The World after" has had two virtues : to highlight the new generation of boxers French and the application of the sanitary conditions stringent to

Boxing : back to the competition in the semi-shade in France, after the Covid-19 - The Point

The gala "The World after" has had two virtues : to highlight the new generation of boxers French and the application of the sanitary conditions stringent to accommodate the public under the circus tent Bormann (Paris 15th). Since the green light from the minister of Sports to resume the boxing, on the 11th of July last, the collective Fight Nation, founded by Arnaud Romera, formerly a sports journalist, took three weeks to set up the gala.

Any false step could not be tolerated upstream and during the evening as the event had to be a success on the health plan in order to organize others, and to prove that the resumption of sports events is possible. "Because it is the first sports event in Europe to take up in a room, with the public, it is necessary that everyone, within the confines of the ring, or tested negative !" explained Arnaud Romera at the microphone of France Télévisions. He kept strictly to the event, with the obligation for all the actors of the evening to present a test nasopharyngeal negative maximum72 hours before the gala. Coaches, officials, photographers, journalists, etc., all the people around the ring have been tested.

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Three days before, the different protagonists have made tests in a truck medical made available by the organizers. The traditional weigh-in has been performed in compliance with the strict health protocol, with a boundary, only one coach may accompany his boxer shorts, and mask compulsory for all persons presenting themselves in the face of the official in charge of validating the displayed weight on the scale.

The requirement of wearing a mask, an obligation to be anecdotal for a section of the public

"everyone will be masked, it will be mandatory, and, if a public person, comes and that she has no mask, she does not," said Arnaud Romera, the day before the gala. If, indeed, the entry was subject to wearing a mask, it has been difficult to ensure that it is worn during the entire evening. The heat has not helped under the circus tent Bormann.

In the course of the evening, a part of the audience no longer wears the mask, and gestures barriers were the most respected. However, the organization could not every time call to order, the spectators who departed to the rule. We can still regret the fact that the speaker has not done enough reminders in the micro. Some viewers suggested to condition the input on the ring of boxers, after the observation by the organisers of wearing a mask by all, but the release by people who do not respond would have occurred a few minutes later... maybe it would have been necessary, in the manner of concerts in indoor with smokers, pointing with a laser the people not wearing a mask, and explain to them that they were going to be excluded from the enclosure.

Fight Nation, a collective unprecedented support in the world of boxing

Arnaud Romera and the collective Fight Nation can congratulate itself on having managed to get the first event in boxing post-Covid-19 on the French territory, but especially to have been able to provide economic assistance to the new generation of boxers French. "With the coronavirus, the guys have not boxed for about six months, even more, because there was no match in January and February since the beginning of the season is usually quiet. So we said, "as soon as it will be allowed, try to mount a gala night of boxing for all these boxers pros to bring them to light in Paris," explains Arnaud Romera. In the absence of any sponsor and in the absence of subsidies, the collectifFight Nation has relied on all of the aficionados of the noble art to raise it to the level of an entity which is able to come lend a hand to professional boxing.

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The evening was a great success on the plan pugilistique with a fluidity in the sequences of fighting and the discovery of numerous talents in the making. To the antenna jack directly, the promising young undefeated of the weight of feathers (5v-0d, 1 K.-O.) Christ Esabe, 19 years old, has mastered with ease, his opponent peruvian Carlos Stephan Cossio (8v-5d-2n, 2 K.-O.). The sequences left hook-uppercut right have been impactful over the fight, allowing him to win the six rounds to the unanimity of the three judges. His training partner of the club Bam Inheritance, Khalil El Hadri (7-0, 4 K.-O.), is also illustrated by to talk about his speed and his knowledge of the ring, touching when he wanted his opponent in the evening. Nicknamed "The Mexican" was able to speak the instinct of a hunter by enclosing the entire fight the Nicaraguan Nestor Maradiaga (8v-6d-1n) in the four corners of the ring.

writing will advise you

" On the ring, the wrestlers risk their life at every moment "

Date Of Update: 31 July 2020, 09:33

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