Blue snowsuit created fierce debate: 'really, seriously, shoot the shit'

'Stop now bitch.' 'Quite seriously, shoot the shit.' This is the sound of a small selection of the over 5,000 comments, which poured in in the comments to a

Blue snowsuit created fierce debate: 'really, seriously, shoot the shit'

'Stop now bitch.' 'Quite seriously, shoot the shit.' This is the sound of a small selection of the over 5,000 comments, which poured in in the comments to an article that B. T. was published on Tuesday.

A dark blue snowsuit with drew dinosauere created namely fierce debate - and the comments here were written to Anna Jensen, who in an article marvelled that Starbucks calls a blue snowsuit with dinosaurs for a 'drengeflyverdragt'.

B. T. has contacted the persons who are behind some of the grossest comments. We have asked the people behind the comments, why write as they do.

You write the 'Tag you fucking together. People are getting damned hard to so easily offended that you would think they got a p*k up your ass.' You may well hear that your tone is violent?

"I can well see it. Many of my friends have also taken screenshots of my comment and sent it to me and written 'shit.'"

You seem in your comment, as if you become very angry. Especially when you write it here to get a dick in the ass. Do you think it is a good and constructive comment, you have written?

"No. If I were to fix it I had written something else, but it was just in the moment - that I was well enough irritated."

"Normally I am very opdragen, but right there I got just a flip."

Such a thing is, of course, so everyone can see it. What do you think of it?

"I stand by what I say."

You stand by that, it seems as if people have gotten a dick up your ass?

"Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. I can well see where you want to go. I don't know how else you would phrase it. People always feel that the whole world is against them."

If you met the woman from the article, in fact, you could then also have been found to say, that one would think she had gotten a dick in the ass?

"In the moment I would probably have said that she should maybe take themselves a little and stop being so offended. I had enough, talked nicer in reality."

Where do you consider yourself to the limit go for what you can afford to write for people?

"I don't know. I also find even now that I have gone over the limit, and I can also see now, but now I have written it, and it will I have to stand by."

So you want to actually little now that you have written the comment?

"Yes, maybe a little bit, because I wrote it so hard. I could well have written it differently, but still have come up with the same message."

You write: 'There is only one thing to say....... 'NOW HOLD YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!' ....and yes, it was not written with small dots after the C, in order to protect the supersensitive.... For now stop people's nonsensical hogwash.' Why do you write it?

"I was a good, old-fashioned pissetræt that all feel so violated all the time. It is not directed against her, but it is not so clear in my comment."

Would you also say it to the woman in the article in reality?

"I would maybe not outright cry, 'HOLD, NOW shut up,' but I would say that this fanaticism needs to stop. I would say 'now hold up'. Now let be with all that forskrækkethed over everything."

You have written: 'Why does she not just using? There is something way wrong at the first floor!'. Don't you think, that one should be allowed to express his opinion, without to get to know that there is something wrong with one, just because you disagree?

"Yes, but why should it be nationwide, that she has a problem? If I have an experience with a business in a place, so do I turn it not up on facebook, so I go into the store and talk with them."

are you Thinking that it is a real person you write to, and that he might be injured?

"No, I do not. It is like standing up in a reality show. You must be prepared that not only comes rygklapperi.

don't you Think that it is very hard to write about another person, that there must be something wrong in the upper room?

"I might well have excluded it with the upper room and just asked why it needs to be whipped up to be a problem. I would rather have written."

B. T. has asked Anna Jensen, who contributes the article on the blue snowsuit, if she would provide a comment to the rude comments that have been directed against her. She does not want to help.

Date Of Update: 05 December 2019, 01:00