BMW classic E36: time travel in the young-timer

Some of the appearances could not have been clearer to. One of them is the BMW 325i coupe series E36. The paint shines in such an offensive "violet blue metall

BMW classic E36: time travel in the young-timer

Some of the appearances could not have been clearer to. One of them is the BMW 325i coupe series E36. The paint shines in such an offensive "violet blue metallic" that the faint-hearted tears are likely to have in the eyes. The joy of color continues in the interior. Because of the fits of the sheet metal shell. So the nappa leather interior shines in "lilac dark" and "purple". Gorgeous pornös and so distinctly 90s that it comes over again, extremely casual. This car is clearly nothing back the end of time enjoyed. Presumably, the Designer of the BMW would have had the model series E36, Pinky Lai, his true joy in this special vehicle.

Purple 3 series BMW-collection

anyone Who thinks now that this flashy vehicle was purchased from an extrovert Oriental-millionaire for his equally talented daughter, is wrong. This 325i has given his time BMW Mobile Tradition for your own collection in order to show what was right in the middle of the 1990s, anything is possible. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the BMW has just over 11,000 km on the clock. To move such a classic with so little mileage, does not happen too often. The base price for the 325i coupe at that time amounted to 54.000 D-Mark, a total of 80.761 were built. For this particular specimen had to lie down safely a couple of thousand more. press-inform / BMW / Uwe Fischer, The classic is still relaxed.

DNA of the brand in its purest form

move taken place, pours the BMW glory on the driver. Today we would speak of the coin of the DNA. The Cockpit is inclined towards the driver and the car is Packed with technical Extras: air conditioning, on-Board computer, and a electronic individual service interval display. The car is built in 1994, only the cassette radio. If we had known, we would have brought one of the pre-recorded Maxell-cassettes-from your home. Terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in the generations-duel FOCUS Online terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in generations-the duel

Under the extended and flattened engine bonnet is a real gem waiting for the ignition key finally turned. The in-line six-cylinder engine with the internal Code M50B25 was, at the time the backbone of the Bavarian drive glory. In the 2.5 Liter version, the 141 kW / 192 PS meant - as made for the coupe. Engines like this have been the basis of BMW's reputation for building sporty Cars. Long before M-variants were equipped with a four-wheel drive and most of the BMW models had a four-cylinder under the hood. press-inform / BMW / Uwe Fischer, The interior has the colors "purple" and "lilac"

With a turning of the Key awakens the Bavarian six-Polonaise to life. Los the journey continues through the hinterland of Munich. In this car craft are in demand, skills that are slowly coming out of fashion: is Switched with a lovely crisp five-speed manual gearbox, precise, a little cartilaginous, just as you like it as a sporty driver. This gearbox is typical BMW, a long time - Oh, let's not. To beautiful, the ride in this vehicle. The driving benefits of competition are also still capable of today - only at 233 km/h, the propulsion stops. With 170 HP and the Fußhupe against the oil crisis, With 170 HP and the Fußhupe against the oil crisis

Legendary series of six me high smoothness

The M50 engine is up to its reputation and thrilled after a few meters, with his quietness. But the six pots are greedy for tours. Below 3,500 Rpm, not much is going on. But then the chase is on. Smooth and supple, the needle of the Rev counter soars towards the red zone that begins approximately at 6,500 rpm. Then by the sonorous penetrates fervent saws of the vacuum cleaner so voluminous interior that you need anyway, no music. Classic High-Speed Concept. BMW.

You can of this combustion Sonata is not on the ice. The BMW 325i E36 coupe has no safety net such as the Ejector preventer ESP on Board. So good-natured, the Central-arm rear axle, which comes from the BMW Z1, is when one is in the curves, too cocky, you can develop up the tail of a uncomfortable life of its own. But who is not adhering to the Golden rule "too fast in the curve, and the faster out", comes with the E36 coupe without any problems. Simply gorgeous, like the 325i rejoicing through every corner of dancing, and other cars look really old can. Especially since the weight of the 1,330 kg does not inhibit the agility really. When the going gets tough, the disc brakes, the front are ventilated. If you are in this car on the road, you quickly forget that it has already 26 years old. Only the power steering could be a little more direct, but you get used to it.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 14:26

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