Anyone who wants to benefit from the Corona-fear

to the pharmacy by Lorenz Schmid at the Zurich Paradeplatz, breathing protection masks, disinfectants, on the day after the Reports on the first Corona cases we

Anyone who wants to benefit from the Corona-fear

to the pharmacy by Lorenz Schmid at the Zurich Paradeplatz, breathing protection masks, disinfectants, on the day after the Reports on the first Corona cases were sold out in Italy. Direct supply, the pharmacist could not shop, because wholesalers, which he refers to the greatest part of his goods, could not deliver. to be able to

his clientele disinfectants to offer, manufactures Schmid this now myself. And he has concluded contracts with new suppliers that can deliver. "I see a new Player, individual, and small manufacturers on the market, the have to re-set on the production of disinfectants," says Schmid.

Suddenly, products are coming on the market, which were 1.5 times to twice as expensive as the common disinfectants. "I suggest, around half of these offers, because they are too expensive," says the pharmacist. Despite the emergency, he wanted to avoid the high prices passed on to the customers, he wanted to remain credible. In order not to make losses, but could not remain, he is quite at the old prices.

rider of the Corona-hysteria

Other pharmacies are struggling with the same difficulties: "disinfectants are very scarce in the market, what influences the price. So our current cost price and the audience price. So it is logical that we need to set the price higher than usual," writes a pharmacist from Zurich on request. Products such as breathing masks and disinfectant would always be offered more often overpriced. And this also from suppliers, which would not have made your business so far, even with disinfectants, it is called in the industry.

as the company's Top Market & Partner GmbH, which offers on your Website of toilet paper over the flower boxes and vegetables a wide assortment of grinding up to Brandy. Of disinfectants no trace. Nevertheless, the company pharmacies should be offered different products of this type to purchase more than the double price than normal.

On request, it means that You have quickly responded, and a couple of cartons of disinfectants ordered. And this, among other things, pharmacies sold. You have but noticed soon that this business is not good to make a profit let. Because the boxes were in the shopping is very expensive. We have therefore decided, starting this week, no disinfectant to offer.

On online platforms such as, Ricardo or Anibis cavort, however, private providers who want to beat the Corona-anxiety Profit. They offer disinfectant or with respiratory protection masks, some of them outrageous prices. So it came to Ricardo, to a bid of 379 Swiss francs for five litres, disinfectant of Sterillium. Normal price depending on the provider: from 40 to 50 Swiss francs.

In Tutti it looks similar:Here, a seller offers three packs of respiratory protection masks à 20 pieces for the price of 200 Swiss francs per box. Not only the price, also the origin of the product can be for buyers to be problematic: The Logo of "Swiss Post" reads on the boxes. The Post is on request for information: "The masks were provided a few years ago for the destruction. Accordingly, it is not allowed to sell these masks. Potential buyer, we suggest that you should not have any of these masks to buy."

measures against price gouging

Both platforms, the include such as this newspaper TXGroup, to terminate the measures. "We are actively looking for overpriced Offers of respiratory protection masks and hand-sanitizers on our Platform-and remove these ads", it means in Tutti. In the case of Ricardo, it has decided to block appropriate offers with obviously inflated prices. Ricardo is an attack even when they are Offered the false promise of safety in connection with the Coronavirus review. The Online Platform And any advertisements, articles and services to make the health promises, it says on request.

in order for the provider to respond, as it is already Amazon and Ebay have done: The US online giant had already deleted last week, according to thousands of offers due to price gouging. Ebay classifieds do the same.

individual countries to take measures to counter the price-insanity: The US authorities have called on Amazon, for items to protect against the Coronavirus is from the price gouging to stop. And France, and caps the prices for desinfecting gel, after the government had previously initiated an investigation as a result of the increase in the price of protective masks, and even the confiscation arranged.

Created: 05.03.2020, 22:15 PM

Updated Date: 06 March 2020, 06:03

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