Also a grey drivers be stamped

registered Almost 457'000 people last week in the national black driver register. Around 44'000 persons more than in December. Are Fichiert you, because you h

Also a grey drivers be stamped

registered Almost 457'000 people last week in the national black driver register. Around 44'000 persons more than in December. Are Fichiert you, because you have been caught in the course of the last two years, for a control without a valid ticket or with a partially valid Ticket.

also Caught Vreni Baumann (Name was changed), as they drove in December from Winterthur to Bern. The ticket had you resolved in the SBB App. "When I made the mask for the City-Ticket appeared to me on the App by clicked", told Baumann, "in Bern was to set a check mark at Winterthur, however." It was assumed that it was a correct quote and a City-Ticket Winterthur, it was not necessary. "Because if you solve in the grid of the Canton of Zurich a ticket from Winterthur to Zürich, are the inner-urban Connections in the zones already included."

In the Bus to the train station of Winterthur is controlled Baumann and has to pay 70 Swiss francs award. The reason for this is the lack of a Zone for this Bus. They will be stamped, due to a misunderstanding as the black rider, not Baumann to understand. You've paid for your ticket 64.60 francs, and anyone with the lack of 3 Swiss francs for the Bus want to cheat.

Provide "non-relief"

Whether intended or not, plays no role. According to the law on the carriage of passengers, are already punishable, who used negligence without a valid ticket on a vehicle. They could not therefore take account of your Provided "relief", told Vreni Baumann of the collection Agency, the Zurich transport network.

Although Baumann's Offense will be recorded in the national Register, is the real black drive. Because she lacked only one Zone, the Rest of your Ticket, however, was correct, is one to the as to travel with part of a valid driving licence – popular: than Grey.

What is a part of a valid ticket, and what surcharges will be charged for in the national Tariff, which is valid for all transport network systems and transport companies. Thus, a lack of class change, or a lack of Supplement (such as night-time surcharge) will be considered as part of a valid ticket, or if the route does not match with the solute.

How many of Fichierten as grey and as many as the black riders were on the road, is not in the relevant industry organisation of public transport, Alliance, Swiss Pass, to learn. Also, the SBB do not provide this information. The Zurich transport network, the vast majority have Got no ticket, says a spokesman for Thomas Kellenberger. The same sounds in the case of the Basel transport companies and Basel-land Transport: About 90 percent pure black may be a "driver".

To widespread late release

As a black-and-driver applies, for example, who solves his ticket too late – after the regular departure time, or even immediately prior to a control. This is very common, since there is the possibility to buy the ticket over the phone, it is called by various transport companies.

Fined, and as the black rider, also the woman, about whose case the shipment is "Espresso" Radio SRF reported last week, it was registered but. You solved a Ticket for a journey from Zürich to Wädenswil on the night before on the phone. In addition to the desired train, the Tram, booked them from their place of residence in the city of Zurich.

In the long-distance transport, the networks no longer apply automatically.

the next Morning, in time left and to the Tram entrance, was not aware of the fact that your Ticket would only have been 10 minutes later, you had taken a Tram too early. They had chosen a route ticket, but a time-limited composite ticket. The woman was a control and was fined 100 francs surcharge for Travel without a ticket.

According to the radio report, it would not have been possible, however, to book the ticket for the same train a different Tram. The App chose automatically the same Tram.

Legally, the action of the inspector was correct, but the woman fought back, in retrospect. As the radio editors ' turned, looked at the Zurich transport authority (VBZ) in the case again and deleted the entry in the black-and-drivers-register. It could, however, not conclude that the masses in other cases of to early used Tickets of accommodating a VBZ spokesman.


revealed to show The described examples: The new, digital possibilities to make the purchase of public TRANSPORT Tickets, although convenient, but lurking also Fall. Many are not be aware of it and rely on what the ticket system to offer your input. You will be fined then, in a control, the understandable displeasure.

Price watchdog Stefan Meierhans believes that a large part of the registered black-and-driver had a Ticket, but the wrong one. A reason for this he sees in the complicated Juxtaposition of the different tariff systems of the regional Networks and long-distance transport. Meier, Hans calls, therefore, also in his last week published annual report of improvements.

If the transport company is aware of the problems. This will give it is especially, if travelers of a System is changed into the other, said Thomas Kellenberger, media spokesman of the Zurich transport network. Within a transport system, the Tickets would be calculated according to zones and you can use all means of transport. In the long-distance transport, however, you buy the tickets by route. "With the digitization of the ticket sales to customers are entered traps to the fore," says Kellenberger. With the new industry organisation Alliance Swiss Pass you will make now your turn to fix this.

For the public TRANSPORT customers means that for the time being, nothing changes and you still need to expect to pay if you enter into such Traps. In addition, the charges in the case of recurrence greatly increase.


can feel defend anyone Who is treated wrongly as a black driver, you must first contact the company which has registered it, and try to achieve a solution.

not possible, the victims have the possibility to reach the office of the Ombudsman and to request a mediation. For the transport company (such as SBB) is the Ombudsman of public transport. For conflicts with a regional Ally, or urban transportation companies, it is the cantonal or local Authorities.

the black Is to refute, the data will be deleted in the registry immediately. Otherwise, they will remain for two years and will then be deleted, if during this time no further incident occurred.

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