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VERDICT CHRONO In the turmoil, Renault must save Alpine single brand of sports car is French, and whose legacy is of crucial importance : due to their obsessi

Alpine A110 : a true sports car... French ! | Automotive


In the turmoil, Renault must save Alpine single brand of sports car is French, and whose legacy is of crucial importance : due to their obsession for the relief of the designers of the original A110 in the second of the name have not only managed to demonstrate that it was not necessary to have more than 400 hp to offer a level of performance that is more than enough, but also, and especially, that this choice allowed one to establish new standards in terms of driving pleasure and fuel efficiency. If the Alpine A110 did not exist, it would urgently have to invent it !


Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineLa genesis of this new Alpine has been a tumultuous one. The initial project launched with great fanfare in 2012 was to be carried out in partnership with Caterham, a specialist English sports car spartan light and built in small series. But this one has finally left the ship in 2014. Of frankly radically under british influence, the future Alpine is redesigned in order to make a car better finished and more versatile, in order to justify a higher price, to monetize the project on a volume of sales reduced. Like his illustrious ancestress, the A110 is built in the factory Alpine history of Dieppe.


Alpine A110 © AlpineLe specifications of this new A110 is based on that of the original model and could be held in 3 words : compactness, lightness, agility. To 4,18 m long and 1.80 m wide and 1.25 m high, the French sports is actually rather small. To achieve the goal of lightweight, composite materials-structural, such as carbon fiber have been rapidly moved apart for reasons of cost. The designers of the A110 have preferred the aluminum, in this case in the form of elements, extruded, glued, and riveted in the lower part, surmounted by a super-structure consisting of elements stamped, also glued and riveted. To equip this new A110 of the behavior of the most agile possible, his brood were lucky to be able to leave a blank page in terms of links to the ground, and to have the budget necessary to design two superb axles overlaid triangles made of forged aluminum.

Alpine A110 © AlpineLe main advantage of this type of architecture lies in the freedom it allows in the design of the construction of the suspension, that is to say, the evolution of the position of the plane of each wheel during suspension travel. A wheel to triangles superimposed to obtain for example a high intake of negative camber in compression, which compensates for the taking of body roll when cornering. It is therefore possible to maintain the stiffness of the springs and anti-roll bar are reasonable (these last are very light, consisting of tubes to wall ultra-thin ; between 2.0 and 2.2 mm) are favourable to the comfort but leaving it to install for large movements of cash, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the behavior.

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineEn the other hand, an axle-overlaid triangles is more bulky than a McPherson (only consisting of a lower wishbone and a strut, such as those used by the Porsche Cayman), which has imposed some choice mechanical in the case of the A110 and, indirectly, limited the performance level of the engine. In fact, the largest double clutch that can be installed in the engine compartment of the A110 is resumed, otherwise the reports (specific to the Alpine), the casings of that Space. However, this box can only withstand a greater torque to 320 Nm. The Mégane RS, which has a version that is significantly more powerful (280 vs. 252 hp) from the same 4 cylinder 1.8 turbo petrol direct injection supercharged by a turbo double-entry will be right, it, to transmissions (manual or dual-clutch) more cumbersome, but able to withstand a higher torque.


Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineL'access to the edge of this cut of 1.25 m high that has nothing to do with freestyle. The maneuver, for example, is much easier than for a Lotus Elise or an Alfa Romeo 4C for which it is necessary to step over a threshold imposing. The Alpine shows from this point of view also easy to live with than a Porsche Cayman. The driving position is excellent thanks to the settings of large amplitude of the steering column (height and depth), but above all the perfect fit that offer seats Sabelt one-piece integrated with the equipment series. The headroom is enough for larger riders, and for those who would like a seat that is wider, a model adjustable in all directions is offered on the finish " Legend ".

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineLe level of quality perceived is slightly lower than a Porsche Cayman, and the cupboards are (very) rare. The A110 is indeed glove box and bins from doors. He will have to settle for the hollowed out cavity in the center console, near the USB sockets, to house its necessary to motorist...

the VIEW OF The AUTO focus

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineMais just a few hundred metres in order to forget this kind of practical detail. Because the driving experience offered by this new A110 is kind of captivating. The direct steering (13:1 ratio gear) and lightweight thanks to its electrical assistance is not only accurate, communicative and well-centered - the hunt is from 8° up from 2.5 in the Alfa Romeo 4C devoid of assistance, it orders a chassis with agility, there is no equivalent today. Regardless of the radius of the turn being addressed, just steer to the A110 fits conveniently in the desired course, and then, eventually, surbraquer for it adopts gradually an attitude of oversteer is easily controllable, that would not be denied his glorious elder. And the method works on all types of surfaces, even wet, cold and very slick as some of the turns we had to negotiate from a position of surprise.

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineMieux, the Alpine does désunit absolutely not on the road bumpy, thanks to its shock absorbers calibrated the purposes of compression stroke are braked gently by stops hydraulic, as on an authentic race car. Stunning ! The braking system, tough and very easy to modulate, is also a great help for playing on the transfers of charges and hence on the balance in turn. In comparison, the engine is a bit more complicated to modulate the output curve because of the slight response time of its turbocharger, but here again the balance and the gradualness of the chassis do wonders, allowing to maintain long attitudes of oversteer to power in serenity. This is particularly true in the position Track, which determines thresholds of intervention pushed the ESP, also fully switchable.

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineParticulièrement fun, the set is also very efficient with a good traction, despite an open differential simply relieved by an action on the brake of the inner wheel in case of need. And if the box dual-clutch EDC7 Getrag does not reach the reactivity of the PDK in a Cayman S, it is nevertheless very convincing, much more than a Clio RS, agreeing, in particular to downshift without delay, and even at high revs to still allow the driver to select the right report at the entrance of a turn. A treat.

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineLES MORE

The behavior the more agile and enjoyable time

The suspension is the most comfortable of the segment

The excellent ratio performance/power consumption


Bit storage on the inside

No manual transmission offered

A balance a little sharp at high speed

Alpine A110 First Edition © AlpineSous the hood of the Alpine A110 Pure :

Engine : 4 cylinders in line, direct injection turbocharged petrol engine is installed transversely on the rear axle

Displacement : 1 798 cm3

Power : 252 bhp at 6 000 tr/min

Torque : 320 Nm at 2 000 r/min

Transmission : rear-wheel drive

Box : dual clutch (wet) 7 reports

Dimensions : 4 180 x 1 798 x 1 252 mm

Safety deposit box : 196 l (100 to the front 96 to the back)

0 to 100 km/h : 4,5 s

Speed : 250 km/h (electronically limited)

Consumption : 7.2 l/100 km

CO2 : 162 g/km (malus 2020 1172 euros)

Weight : 1 103 kg (4,38 kg/ch)

Price : from 57 000 euros

writing will advise you

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