Access strictly to The secret test centre, the car manufacturer is prohibited:

And no wonder, because no matter whether in Aschheim, Dudenhofen, Phoenix, or Arjeplog - on the test sites, mostly in the 24-hour operation, the most secret pro

Access strictly to The secret test centre, the car manufacturer is prohibited:

And no wonder, because no matter whether in Aschheim, Dudenhofen, Phoenix, or Arjeplog - on the test sites, mostly in the 24-hour operation, the most secret prototypes of the respective brand on the go. The Hyundai group, including the brands Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, did not desert only to a highly secured testing center in South Korea, Namyang, but another at the foot of the Californian Mojave. Opened in 2005, the grounds around one and a half hours ' drive northeast of Los Angeles, with more than 1700 acres of huge proportions. In addition to numerous On - and off-road routes, a ten-kilometre-long high-speed oval, a four-Kilometer-long handling course, mountain and ski runs, as well as replicas of roadways around the world. "The California test grounds by Hyundai Motors will ensure that Hyundai and Kia continue to develop vehicles of the highest quality", so, the second Chairman Kim.

test daily life is not always exciting

As with most test centers also the Hyundai Site is located far away from any civilization. And the size of the system is: on the site itself operating at just 50 people work in the normal. The looks on the other test tracks in Japan, France, USA or Germany, is hardly any different. Nissan operates in the group with Renault, Infiniti and Mitsubishi a comparable test centre in the heart of Phoenix / Arizona. While on the handling course, the vehicles get their drive dynamic fine-tuning, the camouflaged prototype of a Nissan Pick-Up again and again particularly high curbs, up and down again, the have been specially built for it. Audi Audi test center Neuburg

The test of the everyday life of the engineers is not always exciting. The same time around a course for two Harley Davidson motorcycles during your laps in the endurance bubbling on the Ten-mile at a time. Nissan rents its test center at the motorcycle company or the cooperation partner Daimler, the GYN here is his Mercedes-prototype through its paces under the hot temperatures. Especially in the case of the hot-country testing is of Central importance to the United States (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada), South Africa or the United Arab Emirates.

Daimler is testing in the idyllic black forest

Daimler is the first in 2019, has opened a new Area in the black forest in operation. Once the German armed forces rehearsed in Immendingen, also of civilization, far away - the war-emergency. After the vehicles, with the Y gone on the number plate, old stocks and ammunition are deducted, was rebuilt in the Premises of Daimler with tremendous effort. But the effort was worth it, because the test engineers of Mercedes and Smart can here perform twelve months of the year, a majority of the vehicle tests is now one and a half hours South of Stuttgart, and the travel expenses to a minimum. Vauxhall / Opel PSA Opel test center Dudenhofen

BMW operates, as well as the international competition, several test center. The potash fonische Oxnard is more of a Station for test drives on public roads, so it looks in Aschheim, near Munich or in the South of France Miramas quite different. On the areas of the top-secret prototype to be protected from prying eyes and cameras of the Public around the clock, seven days a week. In addition, BMW operates for several years a winter test site near Arjeplog in Northern Sweden, where, between December and February, most of the car manufacturers to their winter testing on snow and ice. For this purpose, the in the Winter, frozen lakes-to-square-kilometres areas of the Test, in particular for driving dynamics and driver assistance systems. At night it is then with wrapping foil out to the public Scandinavian roads to scrub in order to test kilometres. Vauxhall / Opel PSA Opel test center Dudenhofen

Porsche: Test at home

Porsche is like Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen to different test sites of the VW group's on-the-go. The loved ones is tested in Weissach, near Stuttgart - in the domestic realm. Here you can vehicles - strictly secured from prying eyes - once in a driving operation under the microscope, before the individual components to be further experimented. If that's not enough, or the high-speed track in Nardo, southern Italy is not free, it goes to the Ehra-Lessin in the North of Hannover, where VW runs a powerful test site, the Audi also uses. A further test of the Ingolstadt-based stretching in Neuburg and Neustadt, both in the Metropolitan area of Ingolstadt.

Opel - meanwhile, in the French PSA composite has the Mittsechziger be the Central test center in Dudenhofen in the Metropolitan area of Rhine-Main. On the Site there are more than 70 kilometres of routes including high-speed circular track, Skid Pads, Airbag-laboratory and climate chamber. Over more than five decades of all Opel have models on the way to series maturity more than a total of 200 million test miles. It is also by invitation only after a sharp-security. Which the manufacturer wants, that the secrets of the next few years to be uncovered?

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