A Star without a stage

"We have created another legend in the electric vehicle segment of the new standards and the design vision of Hyundai to further horizons expanding." With t

A Star without a stage

"We have created another legend in the electric vehicle segment of the new standards and the design vision of Hyundai to further horizons expanding." With these words, SangYup Lee, head of Hyundai's Global Design Center wanted to welcome, today, at 11.45, the international journalists in Geneva: "part of this extension of the so-called optimistic futurism, a design concept of the Prophecy embodied. With the optimistic futurism we aim to create between a human and a car is an emotional bond."

Hyundai has invested in the emotionality, makes good sense: Although the South Koreans points for years with everyday values, such as high reliability, outstanding quality and a very wide range of actuators, including electric and fuel cell. But an emotional bond with a Hyundai? The emotionality or, as it SangYup Lee would have said has been missing until today in fact – the emotional bond between man and car. And "another legend" by Hyundai? Sorry, False Alert. The coupe, which there was in Switzerland from 1996 to 2011, can not be meant. And today's range is top, but with legendary it has nothing to do. No matter. Finally, SangYup Lee has not said these words this Morning, in consequence of the cancellation of the Geneva Auto salon. And paper, the PR and media departments of all car manufacturers has always been especially patient and hard-wearing.

Excellent aerodynamics

Back to the Prophecy, was planned not only as a Showstopper for Geneva, but as a visionary concept car, the latest Hyundai design philosophy of "sensual sportiness" is intended to illustrate. So the Prophecy made by his distinctive Silhouette with perfect proportions. Proportions and lines that remind us quite a bit to the Porsche 911. Doesn't matter, because Hyundai is confident that "the ultimate auto-format" created. And: "the way of the epoch-making electric concept vehicle 45 is led out of the previous year." Although exactly this caused the corners and edges of a stir.

The Autonomous two Joysticks To meet. Photo: PD

it is Indisputable that the Design of the Prophecy will have excellent aerodynamics. "A property that is for electric vehicles is indispensable," says Hyundai. The propeller shape of the wheels underlines this visually, in addition, the Design ensures that air is sucked in and on the vehicle side downward flows "like water on a stone". For the output of the integrated rear spoiler that gives the car while Driving with high speed for additional stability. The South Koreans make the information on the drive, and the Performance of the Geneva solitaire.

For Autonomous Driving is planned, the driver controls the Stromer with the two to the left and right pivotable joystick, which are mounted in the center console and the door panel. In addition, he is able to control a variety of functions in the Joysticks built-in buttons. Hyundai is convinced that this "modern human-machine interface for more security for the passengers" is a worry.

Whether and when the Prophecy is realized, as in the stars as the future of the Geneva Auto salon.

The absence of a steering Wheel gives the passengers more visual freedom than in a conventional car. In the Relax mode you can enjoy a clear view without visual barriers. In a comfortably reclined posture, the passengers see only the horizontally from pillar to pillar, reaching the Display, and the wing-shaped dashboard. In this mode, the instrument panel is also pivotable. This allows a very spacious interior and a comfortable Seating position, the passenger Infotainment content on the Display can enjoy.

For the study, "Prophecy" has taken Hyundai also in the selection of materials for the interior, the environmental friendliness, the clean Vision of the company of the electric vehicles a reality. Smart: Due to external air inlets at the bottom of the doors can flow air through the System, "Clean Air Technology" to circulate. This purified air is in the vehicle constantly available, in addition, the recycled air is returned clean to the environment.

If and when the Prophecy will be realized, however, as in the stars as the future of the Geneva Auto salon, called the recent Geneva International Motor Show.

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