50 Years Of Penalty Shootout | Football

Partying goalkeeper, traumatized failure to protect: The penalty shoot-out, made in Bavaria, invented and was introduced to the world of career. Munich– A Hig

50 Years Of Penalty Shootout | Football

Partying goalkeeper, traumatized failure to protect: The penalty shoot-out, made in Bavaria, invented and was introduced to the world of career.

Munich– A High on Karl the forest selig, the 2011 deceased Bundesliga-line, but, above all, an Amateur referee, because he invented it: the penalty shoot-out. Because sometimes a game in a Cup competition, had to be decided at a tournament or promotion and relegation and the traditional coin toss was the most unfair. That's why forest, the rebel, secretly experiments conducted by teams, with insider Amateur. Five against five, to Protect the nervous game after the football game. This Saturday, it will be 50 years that the Bavarian football Association (BFV) approve the Format that was, ultimately, an international career and the sports drama brought.

Uli Hoeneß is wearing a beautiful example of suffering. His biography has experienced several breaks to early end of a career due to a knee damage, a plane crash, tax scandal and prison sentence, but the language also, until today, to be shot in 1976 in the European championship final in Belgrade against Czechoslovakia. Hoeness chased in the penalty shoot-out the Ball far over the bar in the night over Belgrade; there is no TV picture, you could see whether the Ball would have ended up somewhere.

Already a legendary penalty shoot – because it was the first, the decided by a large tournament. At the world Cup in 1974, there would have been two days after the finals in the event of a draw after extra time a replay game, the Tickets were already printed. The German EM-opponent in 1976, with the players also set new standards and was, and remained, therefore, famous in the positive Version (when Hoeness was in the negative): Antonin Panenka. Like elements in gymnastics the athletes to be named, invented and first demonstrated, so Panenka has "" become a Synonym for a particularly cheeky penalty technique. The shooter utilizes the fact that the goalkeeper speculation, and in a corner throws. Antonin Panenka was right way also in the case of Sepp Maier, was in the game a terrific goalie, but not a penalty killer. Panenka to delivery, from repeated handsome. But that's not a powerful shot, but a gentle LOB in the middle of the gate was.

humiliation for the Keeper, Coolness praise for the shooter – if it ends that way. The other way around: goalie just stops, and the shooter was an irresponsible self-promoter who has sinned against his team. It's always everything, if the penalty is to shoot. The players, even the not-nominated, meet in the middle line, put the arms around each other. In these moments they are really friends or at least allies.

In the 50 years since the legitimization and introduction of the shootout has, for each of the football lovers for the eternity. Englishmen are known to the knockout stage of the 2018 world Cup, how it turns out: England loses. But then England won the shoot-finally, a penalty against Colombia – history!

England screwed up a penalty shoot-out otherwise on every occasion, against Germany in the semi-finals of 1990 (world Cup) and 96 (EM). The Germans, however, were not always stable. Or you had the best info. As the wrote about the penalty preferences of the Argentine Stars, the goalkeeper coach Andy Köpke on a note from the Berliner Schloss hotel Grunewald, and Jens Lehmann handed over, the pushed him as a Spickhilfe for the world Cup quarter-finals in 2006 in the Socket. Lehmann was, himself, but also hardworking and had concern in the case of the Dutch player's agent Maikel Stevens information from the private database. Eight years and several technology revolutions later, it fell back in the national team already on an App from the house of SAP. The knew everything.

coaches often say, a penalty, a lottery was shooting. This is wrong. Because you can't shoot from eleven meters so that the goalkeeper gets it. The University of Graz has calculated the time. A Ball that is kicked with a speed of 100 km/h, it needs from the penalty spot to the goal of 0.4 seconds. No goalkeeper has a shorter response time than a tenth of a second. A maximum of 0.3 seconds, in which he processed his findings and his muscles can give orders what to do to stay him. His body's center of gravity is located in a height of one metre. He will take 0.45 seconds, to set it in motion – it's too late. Flat next to the post poison shot for the Goalie, for the semi-high shot he thanks.

Who has more to lose? Yes, a psychological game is the penalty shoot-out. Striking statistics: In 60 percent of the team had to first shoot was/is the winner. Therefore, there are Considerations to move all of two passes.

Undisputed: The goalkeeper can carefree go to the event, everyone held the penalty is a bonus performance. The shooter is willing to take risks. A missed shot is always a disgrace that still hangs onto. Bastian was Schweinsteiger traumatized after he had pushed in the Champions League 2012 final in Munich against Chelsea the Ball to the post. Or we can take the Italians Zaza 2016 against Germany (European championship quarter-finals). He acted like a circus horse: 23 steps-start, a dance that brought him self in a mess. Miss. Heroes are far more than the field players, the meet – the goalkeeper, the keep. Last celebrity in this series: Daniel Batz from the fourth-tier FC Saarbrücken: blocked in the Cup quarter-final at the beginning of March against Düsseldorf four Elfer.

The Keeper got in the 50 years of the shootout, more rights, and you may move affecting, earlier you had to stand rooted to the spot.

A great invention, this penalty shoot-out. Not even the Yanks with their innovations, have it get. You could, as the U.S. professional League caught up in the ' 70s, all the aged stars from all over the penalties shoot-out. As in ice hockey. Alone on goal. It is not fit for football.

Charles woods, the inventor of the penalty kick shootout, but was not celebrated only. Depending on how it was to be expected, and whose team had lost – there were always people who called at him in Penzberg, to scold him. The grandson of Karl forest has established the Opa, then an answering machine, and the monitoring of the charging attackers do not.

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