Wolfgang Petry: love for wife Rosie is "unbreakable"

Wolfgang "Wolle" Petry (71) is back with new music.

Wolfgang Petry: love for wife Rosie is "unbreakable"

Wolfgang "Wolle" Petry (71) is back with new music. The studio album "Stark wie wir" will be released on March 3rd and is dedicated to his wife Rosie, to whom he has been happily married since 1972. "She didn't expect such an idea at all, but I think our marriage deserves it," Petry explains the background of his dedication in an interview with spot on news. "In retrospect, she was very happy."

His childhood sweetheart, whom he also describes as a soulmate, muse and best friend, has always accompanied the musician behind the scenes over the past few decades and has always had his back. She's been at every gig since the mid '90s. "Rosie is and has always been there, no matter how difficult it got," enthuses Petry. "Our love has grown older, but indestructible." As far as he can remember, there hasn't been a crisis in fifty years of marriage. "Even quarrels have welded us further together." The couple do "almost everything together. Only when I've closed my studio door am I all alone with myself. That's my free time."

The couple, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on November 20, 2022, even stood in front of the camera together for the first time last year for the video for the album preview "You belong to me and I belong to you". "It was a special moment in my life," the musician looks back. "I'll capture this special moment forever." According to the announcement, the new album is about unshakable cohesion and trust, about heartfelt devotion and mutual understanding. "Thematically it's about love, but sometimes thinking outside the box," says Petry. The track "I steal for you" is announced as a love song with a wink. He "can't describe exactly what makes a good love song for him. I just write what I'm feeling on a piece of paper. Sometimes it becomes a love song, but it doesn't always work," says the musician. In terms of sound, he moves with his new work in the 90s.

Petry can now look back on almost twenty million units sold and a total of 26 studio albums. There are also several gold discs, five echoes and ten golden tuning forks. He will continue to devote himself to his great passion. "I said goodbye to the stages many years ago. But I just can't turn off the sounds in me. They are my elixir of life." Petry's brief answer to the question of what he wants to do in the coming years is: "Music, music, music."