"With just one pill per week, we can achieve the same results as controlled fasting."

In recent years, Michael Hall's name has been associated with eternal youth.

"With just one pill per week, we can achieve the same results as controlled fasting."

In recent years, Michael Hall's name has been associated with eternal youth. It is possible to find some truth in that statement, but it is not accurate. He warns, "There are many who tell it that way, but he doesn’t believe it." He has not done much, but he did discover, with David Sabatini the mechanism that regulates cell growth in our bodies. It is called the mTOR pathway. This therapeutic target was instrumental in the development of the drug rapamycin. Rapamycin has been used successfully in clinical practice to combat the major diseases associated with aging such as cancer, diabetes, and other conditions.

This finding is now helping us to understand why controlled fasting can help us live longer and be healthier. These scientific breakthroughs were recognized by the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge award for Biology and Biomedicine. "Who would not want to live for many more years?" He wonders. He gives a clear answer. "I, of course no."

- Make it clear: Did you discover the key to eternal youthfulness?

- Food activates the mTOR protein, which controls metabolism. Rapamycin, a drug that binds with mTOR, has been shown to promote calorie restriction and prolong life. This is where the fountain of youth was born. It's fake. We don't have it.

- Well, go! It's a shame!

- Animal tests have been used to test for aging. It is currently being tested on monkeys and dogs, but has not been tried on humans. It is not ethical to do so, as it is not yet known if it works in humans. People can buy rapamycin online, and they take it. I don’t. I don’t bathe in the fountain.

- Because?

- The question is about what. It's a philosophical question. It would be ideal to live a healthy life up to 85 years or 90 years. Then, from one day on the next, it would be paf!

These findings could be used to develop therapies that can slow down or prevent future deterioration.

- Drug development requires the completion of clinical trials. However, aging is not considered a disease. It can only be tested with volunteers outside of all ethical rules. Would you be willing to volunteer for such an experiment?

- I honestly don't believe so.

It's about taking medication that may have undesirable side effects. And we don't know for years.

- Explore the mechanisms of cells and see if it could have irreversible effects for the brain.

- Yes, it is. That's why we test things to make sure that they work and not cause problems.

What is the purpose of this knowledge?

- To understand the mechanisms behind aging and its associated diseases. It is possible that someday, the laws will change so that clinical trials can be conducted. It is currently not possible.

Do you have any good news for Alzheimer's patients or their families?

Rapamycin is currently being tested for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. We also know the mechanism it works in the brain. Although it doesn't work well, it can delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease for a few decades.

- It will be difficult to grasp the entire mechanism of Alzheimer's disease.

Many times, big pharmaceutical companies have failed. They have spent a lot...

- Now, ask yourself: What will happen to depression, psychosis and epilepsy ?

Rapamycin has been used as an antidepressant and in brain tumors and epilepsy patients. Clinical trials have shown that although it doesn't control mTOR exactly, it can control the proteins that use this pathway. It is expected to be available soon and depression will be one of the diseases that it will benefit.

Can we stop cell aging and end cancer?

Scientists who study aging agree with this conclusion.

How does the mTOR pathway interact with controlled fasting?

- Caloric restriction can be inhibited by inhibiting rapamycin. In other words, inhibiting mTOR protein can have the same effect as eating. It tricked the body into believing it hadn't eaten. This would make it easier to restrict calories. You could take one pill every other day or just once per week.

- You're not a supporter of...

- There is still no scientific evidence.

Controlled fasting is a good idea?

How to live longer. I can assure you that I enjoy eating. I wouldn't want to live longer if I had to suffer more. I am healthy. I'm very healthy. Although I do a lot of exercise, I rarely eat breakfast.

- Does mTOR control bring an end to obesity , diabetes, and overweight?

- The question you are raising is not theoretical. We already know this. However, manipulating mTOR proteins is not the same thing as controlling these diseases. We are still far from being there. Nearly all of the major pharmaceutical companies are working to develop drugs that regulate the mTOR pathway.

- Would they stop us from exercising if it was achieved?

It depends on your objective. You may be able to lose weight if it is about that.

Is it possible to recover the research time lost due to the pandemic?

- No, I don't think so. We will pick up from where we left off.

- What message would your street people want to hear?

Science is vital. We wouldn't have the tape recorder we use to do this interview without her. We would have seen a worse pandemic without vaccines. Ten years ago, there would have been many more deaths. Science has enabled the world to witness a miracle.

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