“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Pocher separation also a topic for Jauch

Although they had been separated for a while when the recording took place in October, Oliver Pocher (45) and his wife Amira Pocher (31) still pulled together for a good cause.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Pocher separation also a topic for Jauch

Although they had been separated for a while when the recording took place in October, Oliver Pocher (45) and his wife Amira Pocher (31) still pulled together for a good cause. They took part in the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Celebrity Special", the 45th edition of which was shown by the broadcaster on November 16th as part of the RTL telethon. How the pair's last TV appearance together went and how much they were able to win...

Viewers were also able to follow the apparently tense Pochers' performance via RTL. Amira was invited and said: "Never! I don't dare." However, since the comedian has previous experience with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, the two of them sat on chairs in front of presenter Günther Jauch (67). He asked before the two of them started: "Is he any help now in this condition?" Amira's answer: "I hope. I really hope so." Pocher commented directly: “That was put very sympathetically.”

“I know, Olli really has something,” she explained reassuringly, to which he also thanked him. He was very well-read, said Amira. The comedian joked that he was also "house trained." In keeping with the initial mood, there were repeated minor frictions over the course of their joint performance.

In August, the couple appeared on the then joint Podimo podcast “Die Pochers!” made his separation public. In her new podcast "Dear Life - with Amira

“The gag never gets boring,” Amira interjected at another point after Oliver had made a joke about the fact that their children were sitting in the back of the car waiting for their parents. “No, especially not for the children,” countered the 45-year-old. “De-escalate,” Jauch soothed. “Whoever has the speaking ball is allowed to talk here,” but Pocher added one more thing. “The children are sitting in the car, we are stressed,” she said a short time later when asked a little math question. Jauch should log in her answer while Oliver Pocher is still doing the math. But the window was “a little down,” he continued to joke.

"You're stubborn, I'm stubborn," Amira said when asked another question. "Yes, you can say it that way. Under certain circumstances, that is..." said Jauch. "... the reason for the divorce? Who knows," the comedian interjected. Amira's comment before a little game ensued about which of the two was the stupider: "Smiling stubbornly and waving."

After using the audience joker, which voted with 82 percent that experts recommend that flower stems be cut "hard at an angle - soft ones straight", Amira said: "Now seriously. What I said made sense , or?" Pocher replied: “Apparently not.” According to him, the fact that six percent of the studio audience, like Amira, previously voted for "types of cheese", could perhaps be because she looks good. “That’s a compliment that doesn’t come up in every divorce discussion,” stated Jauch. “Looks-wise, there’s nothing to blame her for,” Oliver added. "Now I have to do a mediation here. Me, of all people. I'm as qualified as a hedgehog to wipe my ass," said Jauch.

Oliver Pocher took another swipe when asked which professional footballer listed did not play the last game for the DFB team in the 2014 World Cup final. The correct answer: Bastian Schweinsteiger. "He's still happy with Ana Ivanović, things are going well for them."

Amira's brother was also used as a telephone joker for the 500,000 euro question. He guessed that Venus was the first planet on which a man-made probe successfully landed. Even though the presenter wanted to gamble, the former couple played it safe with a win of 125,000 euros. However, Hima was right. Amira then got annoyed and addressed Oliver: "No! I should have gambled. Why do I always listen to you?"

In addition to the ex-couple, cabaret artist Torsten Sträter (57), ex-football official Reiner Calmund (74) and singer Sasha (51) also appeared in the latest edition. For Sträter, the 125,000 euro question was over. He could not answer which of these German associations - the Table Tennis Association, the Ski Association, the Tennis Association or the Swimming Association - has the most members. So he got out and preferred to take the 64,000 euros with him. He would have been wrong with his swimming assumption, because the German Tennis Association tops this list.

Calmund was also able to secure 64,000 euros for a good cause. After the 50:50 joker, he didn't want to decide whether "dictionaries and maps" (correct answer) or "wines and spirits" are sometimes provided with so-called plagiarism traps by manufacturers. "Small air bubbles are responsible for...?" Answer options: "Hair turns gray", "baby teeth fall out, feet sweat" or "pimples appear". Sasha, who also preferred to take the 64,000 euros with him instead of gambling, would have been wrong with his "baby teeth" answer - it's the hair. In total, the celebrities earned 317,000 euros.