What will we eat in the future? : Alcohol-free enjoyment and healthy fast food: these ten trends await us in our kitchens

The future is flexitarian.

What will we eat in the future? : Alcohol-free enjoyment and healthy fast food: these ten trends await us in our kitchens

The future is flexitarian. This is the title of the fourth edition of the trend report Nutrition 2023, which is published by the "Nutrition Hub". You asked 170 leading nutrition experts: What will we eat and drink in the future? The experts have identified ten trends. The result is positively surprising: all signs point to the fact that we will eat better in the future. Topics such as sustainability, flexitarianism or alcohol-free enjoyment are no longer niches, they are becoming the major topics of our nutrition. These are the top 10 topics that will keep us busy in our kitchens in the future.

1. Climate-friendly and sustainable nutrition

The trend to eat better for the climate is unbroken. In other words: no meat and a more conscious use of regional and seasonal products. A red rag is packaging waste and food that has traveled around the globe.

2. Plant-based nutrition

For many, the vegetarian or vegan diet is too radical. You want to treat yourself to a piece of meat or good fish every now and then. So the flexitarian diet is going mainstream. More and more people are eating a plant-based diet, but are not completely without animal protein.

3. Digital Nutritional Therapy

Something that is not often heard of are online services that offer nutritional advice and nutritional therapy. The offer is particularly popular with the "Silver Agers" and is actively used.

4. Convenience food and healthy food to go

Eating fast and healthy no longer has to be a contradiction in terms. The new fast food is no longer greasy, but plant-based, wholesome and healthy. More and more restaurants and supermarkets are offering fresh bowls or salads to go. Pre-cooking for the office is also becoming more popular again.

5. Personalized nutrition

Nutrition is becoming more individual and personal. The same diet is not suitable for everyone. With the help of apps, you can put together your individual nutrition plan.

6. Nutrition for the intestines

At least since Guilia Ender's book "Darm mit Charme", intestinal health has become socially acceptable. Consumers today are specifically looking for products that are good for their microbiome, i.e. their intestinal flora.

7. Awareness of healthy eating

Sustainable and healthy food go hand in hand. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in superfoods and healthy ways to lose weight. Intermittent fasting also plays a major role.

8. Mindful Eating

Mindfulness also plays an increasingly important role when it comes to eating. Those who take the time to eat and choose their food carefully.

9. Vegan diet

That a vegan restaurant receives a Michelin star is no longer a big surprise. The product range has also become more diverse and better. Veganism has slowly but surely made it into the mainstream.

10. Alcohol Substitutes

The market is still small, but it is growing steadily: non-alcoholic products such as beer, wine and spirits are finding more and more buyers who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

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