What were their votes in the bastions?

Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s list won the Madrid regional elections.

What were their votes in the bastions?


The most populated neighborhood in Madrid is Vallecas. It is divided into two districts, Puente e Villa de Vallecas. The total population is 340,000. It borders Villaverde to the south, home to 154,000 people. Together they form the so-called "red circle" of the capital. The center-left bloc received between 60 and 68% votes in the 2019 elections. This means that two thirds of voters chose Podemos, Mas Madrid, and PSOE.

The center-right bloc received between 29% to 37% of votes. Ciudadanos was ahead of the PP, in two of three districts, and Vox, which had more residual. The tables have changed dramatically two years later. Yesterday Diaz Ayuso's party received the most votes from the three historic working-class areas, where participation was nine points lower than the average. For example, in Puente de Vallecas the PP was first with 27% of votes. He doubled his support in Villaverde to reach 33%, and in Villa de Vallecas, he was close enough to tripling it with 34%. Popular ones did not only benefit from the crash of Ciudadanos but also received socialist and abstentionist votes in 2019, who returned to the polls.


Contrary to the "red circle", there are two districts located in the middle and north of Madrid, Salamanca (295,000 residents) and Chamartin (295,000. After adding 73% to the ballots and 75% respectively, the center-right bloc won two years ago. One third of voters chose the PP, and participation rose to 11 points higher than the regional average (64%). Yesterday's elections near the 'golden miles' reinforced this majority and followed the trend: a triggered PP accounted for 61% of votes and took advantage of Ciudadanos' blow (17 points less, 4%), and mobilized new voters to increase participation to 81%. The electoral photo in Chamartin was very similar.


In 2019, the Ciudadanos stronghold was established in the northeastern district of the capital, Hortaleza. In a close contest with the PSOE (24.1%), and PP (23.8%), he won the regional election with 24.6%. The orange party, which has 194,000 residents, added Hortaleza and Paracuellos to its victories in the municipalities of the Jarama River, Paracuellos, Cobena and Cobena in the southwest region.

There are some towns where the population has doubled in a decade, and where the middle classes have settled. Yesterday's Ciudadanos disaster had a direct impact on the result for the PP. Diaz Ayuso's vote transfer has seen his list absorb 20 points from oranges, at most six from PSOE, and new voters with participations of 80%.

34% of votes were obtained by Diaz Ayuso at Villa de Vallecas. This is almost three times the number in 2019.

61% of votes in Salamanca district went to the PP with a participation rate of 81%.

84% was participation in Pozuelo. This great bastion of PP was where it destroyed again yesterday.

Torrejon de Ardoz

The electoral map of this community has been mirrored in the 131,000-personnel city to the east. The result of the ideological blocks in 2019 was very similar: 46.6% for PSOE Mas Madrid and Podemos, 50.7% each for PP (first party), Ciudadanos or Vox.

Another distinguishing factor is Torrejon, which is the only large municipality within the Henares corridor where the popular won the victory over the socialists two-years ago. This is in line with the large majority that was obtained by Ignacio Vazquez, the popular mayor of the town in the municipal elections in 2019. Yesterday's general results showed that the PP won 45% of votes. It also took the votes of Ciudadanos and the abstentionists returning to the polls.

Pozuelo de Alarcon

The PP continues to consider the municipality with the highest per capita income a safe investment. Pozuelo (with its neighbor Majadahonda and Las Rozas) form the blue belt. The most popular ones were 36 percent of the votes in 2019, despite Ciudadanos' (24%) growth. The center-right bloc also received 73% of votes, along with Vox. This same bloc won 78% of votes yesterday, two years after the pandemic. It received 84% of registered voters.

Diaz Ayuso's List improved its result by 25 Points (61%), Vox remained second (11%) while Cs lost almost twenty points (it remained at 4%).

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