Wellness at home: Home sauna: What can the small sweat booths do for the living room?

My car.

Wellness at home: Home sauna: What can the small sweat booths do for the living room?

My car. My house. my sauna In times of low interest rates, the dream of owning a home haunts many people's minds. And with it often two little dreams that can keep your feet warm and in a good mood, especially in the gray and cold autumn: a fireplace and your own sauna. Now, not everyone has the luck (and money) to make those dreams come true. If you still want to sweat a bit at home and relax from the stresses of everyday life, you can do that. There is even space for a home sauna in smaller rented apartments. You can find out which models are available and what should be considered when sweating in the living room in the following article.

First of all, you should know that a mobile sweat booth has nothing to do with a classic Finnish sauna. These are usually steam sauna tents or infrared cabins, in which an evaporator heats the air to a maximum temperature of 50 degrees. As a rule, however, this is enough to open the pores a little, flush out excess sebum, care for stressed skin and simply relax a little.

Classic Finnish saunas are usually closed wooden cabins and are operated via an (electric) sauna heater. He first gets the sauna stones up to temperature and later makes the sauna users sweat. 90 degrees and more are common in Finnish saunas. In a mobile home sauna, instead of an oven, a so-called steam generator with a water tank provides the soothing heat. Many operators of classic saunas also offer this in a somewhat larger form. The generator for the home sauna first heats the water. The resulting water vapor is fed into the mobile sauna cabin via a hose, where it ensures moist, cozy warmth and a real steam sauna atmosphere. Since the cabins are equipped with openings for the head and hands for safety reasons, the water vapor and thus the heat can permanently escape despite good insulation. This is the main reason why mobile saunas reach a maximum of 50 degrees.

Here's the Orbisana steam sauna The facts

The home sauna from Orbisana promises wellness in the living room. The mobile tent comes in a practical transport bag and should be set up and ready for use in just a few simple steps. A steam generator provides the steam in the tent, which must be filled with water before the first sauna session. The water tank holds a maximum of two liters. After a warm-up time of around eight minutes, the steam flows into the cabin via a hose. Depending on how warm it should be under the hood, nine levels can be set via remote. A timer is also integrated. Small catch: A chair or stool is not included.

The facts

The portable sweat cabin from Newgen Medicals is said to be a steam bath and sauna at the same time. With three adjustable temperature levels, the steam generator heats the tent up to a maximum of 46 degrees Celsius. Temperature and time (30 or 60 minutes) can also be adjusted here via remote control from inside the cabin. The generator needs about eight minutes to bring the sweat bath up to temperature. Tip: Put a few drops of an essential oil in the water tank.

The facts

A little more sauna feeling could come up in the sauna tent from Smartmak. Instead of an opening for the head, the 124 centimeter high full-body cabin has a transparent viewing window that can be opened with a zipper if necessary. Important: With this mobile sauna tent, the steam generator must be purchased separately. After all, the sauna is done sitting down, although the chair is not included here either. The Smartmak sauna tent is available here.

The facts

The mobile sauna from FlowerW does not require any steam generator at all. According to the manufacturer, this sauna box is heated to more than 50 degrees within five minutes via a heatable floor mat and infrared heat sources integrated into the cabin walls. Practical: A small folding chair is included. In contrast to the steam sauna, temperatures of up to 75 degrees can be reached thanks to the infrared technology. Both the heat and the duration of the sauna session can be controlled by remote control. Here you can buy the FlowerW infrared sauna.

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