"We want to get to the last game alive with our fans," says Mujika

Two chapters remain for the historic first season in the Second Division of Amorebieta, which resists as best it can in this final stretch of the season.

"We want to get to the last game alive with our fans," says Mujika

Two chapters remain for the historic first season in the Second Division of Amorebieta, which resists as best it can in this final stretch of the season. Two days in which the blues still have options to maintain the category, contradicting those doomsayers who considered them relegated weeks ago. The humble Urritxe club is still alive in this agonizing struggle, aware that the scenario is enormously complicated. But they are not going to give up as long as they have any chance of achieving the goal, no matter how small.

That happens by achieving this Saturday the second win away from home of the season against Cartagena, a rival that does not play anything, but that aspires to finish in ninth position and that, in addition, will want to say goodbye to its fans with a good taste of mouth. Five points are what separate Amorebieta from Malaga and Sporting in the absence of these last two competition dates. The room for maneuver is scarce. So much so that everything that is not winning could lead them directly to the abyss of the First RFEF.

That is a possibility that although it is on everyone's mind, nobody wants to even mention it. Nor the mister of the zornotzarras, Haritz Mujika. «We know that we cannot fail, but we can only think about winning. People are highly motivated. We have options if we win and the top guys don't get the three points. We are prepared », launches the Passages. The great objective for the Biscayans is that the necessary carom is given so that everything is decided in a heads or tails on the last day. "We want to get to the last game alive so that, with our fans, we can fight for permanence," says Mujika emphatically. "And that's what happens when you win this game."

That's right, Amorebieta needs to break that bad fate that has been accompanying them throughout the season away from home to get a precious loot in the form of three points that could even be insufficient if the rivals do not fail. "When you depend on others, that's what happens. But we have to do our job, if we don't we have nothing to do. And if we had not won last week, we would already be relegated, "reviews the Amorebieta coach. "That's the important thing, doing our thing and trying to get that last bullet left for us to play with our fans. There, whatever happens happens », he insists once again.

Anyone who knows Urritxe's dressing room has no doubt that the group is highly motivated to face this new final. With the pressure and demand of knowing that "we cannot fail, we can only think about winning." But also with the confidence that "we are going to Cartagena with a job well done, the team is highly motivated, wanting to start the game and win it," says Haritz Mujika.

At Amorebieta they are well aware that Cartagena is not going to be an easy rival for them, even though they have hardly anything at stake. «It is a rival that scores many goals, but they also score. Upstairs has a lot of quality, we already saw it here at home. They can score a goal at any time. We will have to be very attentive and then take advantage of our options, because we are sure that we are going to create chances, "says Mujika. “Defensively we are fine, but we must be very good. And to play a serious and hard-working game, we know that it will cost us a lot », he emphasizes.

It is in this facet of the work that the coach from Gipuzkoa again affects to carry out this vital meeting. «We have shown that we are a very intense team, that works well. With that tension and that need we have to play and show that the one who really needs the three points is Amorebieta. We are going to give everything », he assures.

As if the meeting already had few incentives, on this penultimate day Amorebieta will meet again with an old acquaintance from this season, and not exactly a good memory: Víctor García Verdura. That of the Catalan referee is a name engraved on fire in the locker room and in the Zornotzarra fans due to the disagreements and grievances suffered in different games. This Saturday will be the sixth game that García Verdura has directed at Amorebieta this season.

The Amorebieta coach, with a smile drawn on his face, downplays the appointment of the braid for this clash. “We have to focus on ourselves. We cannot look at the results of the rivals or the referee. Only the 3 points are worth us », he comments about it. «The referee is that, nothing happens. We must move forward. On other occasions he has been wrong, he has been able to harm us, but he will do his job as best he can and we will do ours. We must win because it is only worth winning », he concludes.