We can mark distances with the Sumar de Díaz project

The political project promoted by Yolanda Díaz is taking shape.

We can mark distances with the Sumar de Díaz project

The political project promoted by Yolanda Díaz is taking shape. The Vice President of the Government has registered a name, Sumar, from which she wants to articulate a platform to lead a candidacy that brings together all the currents to the left of the PSOE. Díaz confirmed this Thursday that the political artifact will start after the Andalusian elections and will need a set-up of about six months, the maturation time that the vice president requires as a "listening process" throughout the country to know if it is capable of bringing together progressive forces. “When we add, we not only add but we multiply as a country and I want to add so that we have more democracy, more fundamental rights, more equality, more feminism, more environmentalism, more companies and decent jobs, more positive future for the country”, he summarized as platform ideology.

The presentation in society of his initiative took place last November in Valencia. She shared an act with the vice president of the Valencian Generalitat and leader of Compromís, Mónica Oltra; the spokeswoman for Más Madrid in the Madrid Assembly, Mónica García; the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and the deputy of Ceuta Fatima Hamed Hossain.

Colau made Sumar's birth coincide on Thursday on the same day with her announcement that she will run for a third term as mayor of Barcelona. A staging that both projects go hand in hand. The Vice President of the Government affirmed that she has the Barcelona mayor. "Let's also add Ada Colau," she said. Both have been in charge for months to visualize their political harmony and also from the point of view of the speech. "I am running to win the next elections and to add the maximum support," Colau said Thursday.

The third fundamental leg of Díaz's project is made up of Compromís. The Valencian formation opened this Thursday to negotiate "what and how" to participate in the platform. The candidate of Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, who in the Andalusian elections is running outside the coalition formed by Podemos, IU and Más País, also winked at Díaz. "We observe with interest" the initiative, although he claimed an eventual alliance to be incorporated from "an own space".

The one who did not enthusiastically welcome the idea was Podemos. Pablo Iglesias anointed Yolanda Díaz as her successor, but instead, over time, he distances himself from her. The estrangement is mutual. In the purple formation, they showed a certain coldness by assuring that they did not know the constitution of the Sumar association, which shows that the relationships are not the most optimal. In any case, the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, assured that Podemos "will always add" to any process of deepening democracy and that, in her case, she will contribute "deeds more than words."


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