War Russia-Ukraine, the timeline of the conflict

<p></p><p></p><p></p><p>From today, the transit of Russian gas to Europe is blocked.

War Russia-Ukraine, the timeline of the conflict

From today, the transit of Russian gas to Europe is blocked. The Pentagon: "Arms in Kiev already before the invasion". Musk: Russia escalates cyberwarfare against Starlink satellites. A school for disabled children bombed in the Luhansk region

New attack on Odessa, hit by seven missiles and the scene of the raid on the city during the visit of the President of the European Council Charles Michel

"Bloody battle" at the Azovstal steel mill. Moscow opens to a three-day truce in the Mariupol area "to allow the evacuation of civilians". And announces: "Simulated launch of nuclear missiles"

Six train stations in central and western Ukraine bombed. A missile hits Transcarpathia for the first time. Russia is "still open to dialogue" with Ukraine, Putin told Macron. But he added that Kiev "is not ready for serious negotiations"

69th day of war. Moscow is regrouping its troops and strengthening artillery and air defense units in the areas of Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih and Mykolaiv

68th day of war. Cluster bombs return to the city of Mykolaiv. Missiles over Odessa and Kherson. The plan for the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steel plant resumed this morning

The Zelensky government closes the ports of the occupied cities, the evacuation of civilians from the steel mill begins. Scholz: "Outdated pacifism, weapons are needed to defend oneself"

Washington announces sending more weapons to Kiev within 24 hours and asks not to invite Putin to the next G20 summit

After a few days of quiet, the Ukrainian capital is again shaken by the explosions. Yesterday the missiles on Kiev during the Zelensky-Guterres meeting. Today a checkpoint was bombed in the Kursk in Russia

Harsh tones, threats and mutual accusations: the war in Ukraine continues on the ground but also on the front of the increasingly clear opposition between the West and Moscow

No opening for the negotiation. The alarm for Transnistria is growing. The governor of the Russian region of Belgorod: explosions, an ammunition depot burning

It is the day of the visit to Moscow by the UN secretary general, Guterres. Russia, however, excludes the possibility of a ceasefire: according to the Ministry of Defense, over 90 military targets were hit during the night and 500 Ukrainian soldiers were reported to have died

Zelensky's government criticizes the initiative of the UN secretary general: "It is not a good idea to go and talk to Putin". The US announces the return of their diplomats to Kiev and new military aid

Exactly two months ago the Russian president ordered the invasion to begin, sixty days after the party does not stop the bombs and deaths on the Donbass front. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Kiev today

Horror in Mariupol: new mass grave with a thousand victims. And the evacuation of 200 civilians fails. Kiev: "Two Russian generals killed in Kherson". Moscow: "Western weapons depot found"

New satellite images show mass graves near Mariupol. Last night the press service of the municipality of Mariupol on its Telegram channel said that Russia had buried up to 9,000 Ukrainian civilians in an attempt to hide the massacre that took place during the siege of the port city. Satellite imagery provider Maxar Technologies said the photos show more than 200 mass graves in the city of Manhush outside Mariupol.

57th day of war. Russian aggression is concentrated in the East. 24 billion in aid from the G7

Moscow: "Crystalline proposal for resuming talks sent to Kiev". Humanitarian corridor in Mariupol: 6 thousand civilians to be evacuated

The Russians conquered the city of Kreminna. On the diplomatic front today Biden meets his allies, while Macron announced a new visit to Kiev: "I'm going to make a difference"

54th day of war. Moscow has published, for the first time, the list of those killed on the Ukrainian front in the fighting

53rd day of war. Russian bombing of Ukraine intensified again after the sinking of the cruiser Moskva. Kiev appeal: humanitarian corridors for civilians in Mariupol

Air-raid alarm, explosions in the capital and in Lviv. "900 civilians killed in the Kiev region executed"

Zelensky to the Ukrainians: we have been resisting for 50 days, Moscow had given us five

Russian cruiser evacuated in the Black Sea. Biden announces the sending of another 800 million dollars worth of weapons and accuses Moscow of genocide. "Bucha, Mariuopol, Kramatorsk are all examples of human rights violations," said White House spokesperson Jen Psaki.

According to the Russian ministry, 1,026 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Mariupol, including 162 officers. Moscow has ordered the destruction of any evidence of its army's crimes: Ukrainian defense intelligence services say in a tweet

Russian troops are concentrating on the Eastern Front to take full control of the Donetsk and Lugansk provinces. The siege of Mariupol continues, where according to Zelensky the dead are "tens of thousands"

The Russians are concentrating their forces for a powerful offensive in the Donbass. "Crucial" War Week

Russia has shifted the target of the invasion to the south of the country. From abandoned cities come reports of new massacres of civilians. The mayor of Makariv: 133 inhabitants of the city were killed in cold executions and rape. Humanitarian corridors: 4,532 civilians rescued

Anatoly Antonov: "Western supplies of arms and ammunition to Ukraine are" dangerous and provocative "and can lead the United States and the Russian Federation on the path of direct military confrontation

The Pentagon is certain that Putin has given up on taking over Kiev. Thousands of more Stinger and anti-tank missiles and drones are on their way to the Ukrainian army. USA and Australia send missiles and weapons to Kiev. The first embassies reopen in the capital

Today the UN General Assembly votes on the suspension of Russia from the Human Rights Council. Meeting between Blinken and European foreign ministers in Brussels. About 1,700 Ukrainian refugees are stopped at the Mexico-US border hoping to be able to enter the United States

The US has allocated an additional $ 100 million to supply the Kiev army with Javelin anti-tank missiles. There are many reports of sexual violence against women, men, minors and the elderly

The Ukrainian military has regained control of the territories in the north of Ukraine. Seven humanitarian corridors planned. The Ukrainian president will speak to the UN

Humanitarian corridors planned from Mariupol to Zaporizhia by car. Bodies of civilians found on the street in Bucha and Irpin, Kharkiv and Mariupol. Macron: "Now other sanctions"

Bombers in flight, sirens in many cities including Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa. Kremlin: aim to save breakaway republics

Tensions rise after the attack on Belgorod. In Kharkiv the university hit, the oncology area of ​​the Chernihiv hospital destroyed

Fourteen tons of food and medicines, destined for civilians in Melitopol, were confiscated by Russian forces. The price of gas flies to Europe after the signing of the decree by Putin on the payment of Russian supplies in rubles.

Russia is ready to open a humanitarian corridor to Zaporizhzhya. Russian forces move out of the Chernobyl area

The UN charges against Moscow: responsible for the world food crisis

Zelensky said he was willing to discuss the country's future neutrality without renouncing territorial integrity

Humanitarian corridors blocked. Zelensky opens on neutrality: "A possible agreement on Crimea and Donbass"

Kiev: "Land recovered in the Zaporizhzhia and Sumy area". Biden: "Putin butcher, he can't stay"

According to Kiev, 16,000 soldiers from Moscow have been killed. Mariupol Theater, 600 survivors, 300 victims. Alarm sirens this morning in Kiev and other cities

EU ready for new sanctions. Kiev accuses Moscow of deporting 400,000 civilians

The Ukrainian president launches an appeal to the whole world: "Take to the streets against the war". The Security Council rejects a Russian resolution, but Beijing votes with Moscow. Biden creates a Tiger team against chemical attacks

New sanctions against Moscow are on the way. Zelensky: "The negotiation is difficult but it continues". The EU gives the green light to state aid to support businesses

Over 7,000 evacuated from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhya. Leak of ammonia from a plant in Sumy

Zelensky: "War crimes in Mariupol will go down in history". Russians attack foreign mercenary base in Zhytomyr region

Zelenzky in a video on Telegram addresses Putin: "It's time to meet". The Kremlin's reply: "First a treaty between governments". Ukraine claims the killing of a fifth Russian general

Three strong explosions in the Lviv airport area. Bombing in the Lugansk province. Massive fire at the Kharkiv market. US intelligence: risk of nuclear threat from Russia if the war continues

France: Russia is just pretending to negotiate. Mayor of Melitopol released in exchange for nine soldiers. United States ready to supply Ukraine with Switchblade drones, small and light

A theater converted into a refuge for hundreds of civilians and a swimming pool with pregnant women and children bombed. Biden promises new military aid. But the negotiations continue

Evacuation corridors planned from four cities in the northeastern Sumy region. NATO leaders are considering an extraordinary meeting in Brussels at the end of next week

Russian naval forces have isolated Ukraine from international maritime trade. In addition to military assistance, Russia has asked China for economic assistance.

Moscow troops are getting closer and closer to Kiev. Phone call between Macron, Scholz and Putin. Paris warns: "Russia does not want to stop the war".

Kidnapped the mayor of Melitipol, Mariupol is surrounded as the government of Kiev raises the alarm about a possible attack by Belarus. USA: "Russia violates basic principles of nuclear safety".

Ukraine's Defense Ministry says it has news that the Russians are forcing some Ukrainian POWs to fight for them in the Russian border region in Rostov

China accuses NATO of pushing Russia into conflict. And while Eni suspends the purchase of Russian oil, Chernobyl remains without electricity

Russian forces approached the cities of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv. Humanitarian corridors active in some cities until 9pm

On the 13th day of the war, the evacuation of civilians from Ukrainian cities remains difficult due to continuing violations of the ceasefire.

The government announces the opening of escape routes for the main cities starting at 10, but Moscow's plans would include corridors only to Russia and Belarus and Kiev therefore opposes this scheme.

A ceasefire went into effect from 10 in the morning, 9 in Italy, in Mariupol to allow the evacuation of civilians. During the night, Russian forces intensified night bombings of cities in central, northern and southern Ukraine.

New round of negotiations awaited. Many international media are leaving Russia. The Russians advance south, close to Kiev.

The Russians occupy the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in the country. Attacks on other cities continue: in Kharkiv the president of the regional council speaks of over 2,000 dead, including 100 children.

The second round of negotiations has been postponed. The Russian army announces the capture of Kherson. Resistance from Kiev is holding back Moscow's advance into other cities.

The second round of negotiations has been postponed. The Russian army announces the capture of Kherson but the forces of Kiev deny: "It is still under our control".

The Russian army intensifies its bombing on Ukrainian cities. A Russian missile hits the government building in Kharkiv. The TV tower in the capital is also attacked. Zelensky addresses the European Parliament with a video message. "Here every can be the last".

Russian and Ukrainian delegations meet in Belarus in Gomel. Moscow opens and talks about "common ground to work on" but in a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron Vladimir Putin dictates the conditions to stop the attack: the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea and the demilitarization of Ukraine, with the ensuring the neutrality of the country.

Vladimir Putin raises the level of tension and evokes the nuclear threat by putting his forces on pre-alert. It is fought in Kherson and Kharkiv, where the resistance manages to contain the advance of the Moscow army. From Brussels, von der Leyen opens the doors to Kiev: "We want it in the European Union"

The Russian army continues its all-out offensive. In Kiev, a building is hit by a Russian missile. Moscow announces the capture of Melitopol, in the south of the country. Europe intervenes in support of Ukraine by sending military supplies to support the resistance. The West strengthens sanctions against Moscow and finds an agreement to exclude Russian banks from the Swift payment system.

The capital is preparing for the advance of the Russian army. The mayor of the city: "We have very difficult hours ahead". Glimpse from Zelensky's spokesman: "This is a meeting with Putin for a truce." The Ukrainian president shows himself in military uniform in the city with the army: "I'm not afraid".

After recognizing the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Russian President Vladimir Putin orders the invasion of Ukraine with a speech to the nation and Russian troops enter the country. NATO reacted immediately, condemning the attack on Moscow