War in Ukraine: the United States reopens its embassy in kyiv, closed for three months

Back to business.

War in Ukraine: the United States reopens its embassy in kyiv, closed for three months

Back to business. The United States reopened its embassy in kyiv on Wednesday, closed in mid-February before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, announced the head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken. “Today we officially resume operations at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. The people of Ukraine, with our security help, defended their homeland from the irresponsible invasion of Russia, and as a result, the Stars and Stripes once again flies over the Embassy,” he said in a statement after the raising of the American flag.

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Late Wednesday evening, the US Senate also confirmed Bridget Brink, a career diplomat, as the country's new ambassador to Ukraine. The United States has not had an ambassador to Ukraine since 2019, when former President Donald Trump removed Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from her post. Ms. Yovanovitch later became a key witness in Trump's first impeachment trial, which revolved around his suspension of military aid to Ukraine.

Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Democrat Bob Menendez, said in a tweet that he was "proud to lead the Senate's rapid confirmation" of Ms. Brink as ambassador. She was nominated by President Joe Biden just a few weeks ago. "As for the challenges ahead, we have confirmed Putin's worst fears: Western resolve is resolute and the United States' unwavering bipartisan commitment to Ukraine is on full display," the senator added. Menend.

Enhanced security

The United States had decided to move its embassy in Ukraine from kyiv to Lviv, close to the Polish border, on February 14, ten days before the start of the Russian invasion, before evacuating all its personnel from the country. Following a visit to kyiv on April 24, Antony Blinken and US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin announced the gradual return of an American diplomatic presence in Ukraine, given the improvement in the situation on the ground. , especially in kyiv and its region.

Chargé d'affaires Kristina Kvien returned to Lviv on May 2 and said she hoped to return to the capital before the end of the month. She made a brief visit there on May 8 to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. Antony Blinken said he had taken "additional measures to strengthen the security" of American diplomats, without further details. Several European countries, including France, have already reopened their embassies in kyiv.