War in Ukraine Live: Russian troops advance on Severodonetsk, tightening the grip of the noose

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War in Ukraine Live: Russian troops advance on Severodonetsk, tightening the grip of the noose

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Kyiv has promised to do "everything" to defend Donbass. The Russian army has intensified its offensive and is pushing Ukrainian forces to think about a strategic withdrawal from certain front lines in the eastern region of the country to avoid an encirclement.

In a video address, President Volodimyr Zilensky stated that "The situation is very, very difficult" in Donbass. He assured that "We protect our land" and would do all he could to help strengthen the defense of this area.

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Russia should be able to receive 1 trillion rubles (13.7 billion euros) more from hydrocarbon exports in 2022. Part of this amount can be used for the continuation of its offensive against Russia, said the Russian Minister of External Affairs on Friday. Anton Siluanov, Finance.

He said, "If we have not put some money from oil or gas in our reserves before, it will be fully spent this year." He added that it would allow pensioners and families with children to receive more money, as well as to conduct the "special operation" in Ukraine. Minister assured that "we have the resources."

6:48 AM: ICC prosecutor calls upon Russia to cooperate in Ukraine investigation

Hague tribunal prosecutor Karim Kan said Friday that Russia should cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into alleged war crime committed since Moscow invaded Ukraine. 'a meeting.

The invitation is here. I am open to the Russian Federation's invitation and will continue to knock at their door.

6:46 a.m. Severodonetsk is 'encircled,' pro-Russian officials claim

After weeks of bombardment of Severodonetsk by the Russian army, it seems that the Russian army is close to completing the city's encirclement.

According to the Ria Novosti agency a police officer from the pro-Russian separatist state of Lugansk stated that on Friday "the city of Severodonetsk was currently surrounded" and that it is now impossible for the Ukrainian troops to leave.

Oleksandr Striouk (head of the Ukrainian administration in the city) denied that there was a complete encirclement but acknowledged that it was "very difficult".

He stated that "nearly two-thirds" of the city's perimeter was occupied by the enemy but it is not surrounded. Serguii Gaidai, regional governor, quoted him. He said that 90% of the residential buildings in the city were damaged.

6:45 AM: Good morning everyone! This live will cover the current situation in Ukraine on the 94th anniversary of the Russian invasion.