Virginia police arrest suspects in shooting that left Army Bunch dead

Fairfax police detained Ronnie Keandre Marshall and D'Angelo Strand in the deaths of Col. Edward McDaniel Jr. and Brenda McDaniel

Virginia police arrest suspects in shooting that left Army Bunch dead

Fairfax County police have arrested two people suspected of murdering a married army bunch in Virginia Wednesday morning.

"Two distinguished military veterans were gunned down in their front lawn," Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis said at a news briefing Wednesday." [They] functioned out community for many, many decades. And they were taken and killed in cold blood in their front lawn."

Eight felony charges are filed, according to Fairfax's major crimes unit commander, Major Ed O'Carroll. The suspects every face two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of using a firearm in commission of a felony.

He said authorities received a suggestion Thursday about the whereabouts of a vehicle connected to the situation following a local resident called in. At that moment, they stated they took an undercover individual of attention .

"Thanks to this community, we got our offenders," O'Carroll said.

He also imputed U.S. Marshals for helping in the arrests.

The two McDaniels were Army physicians, and Edward was an active-duty colonel, O'Carroll said.

Police said there was a burglary call at the same home earlier in the week and that they believed the incidents were connected, police said.

Chief Davis said Thursday that authorities were unsure of a concrete motive but thought it had to do with a dispute stemming from the Monday incident. The suspects and also a relative of the victims were co-workers, according to researchers.

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