“Villa Vie Odyssey”: Almost 150 countries in three and a half years: This is supposed to be the new longest cruise in the world

1301 nights on the high seas.

“Villa Vie Odyssey”: Almost 150 countries in three and a half years: This is supposed to be the new longest cruise in the world

1301 nights on the high seas. For many people, this probably sounds more like a fairy tale than a holiday concept. The shipping company Villa Vie Residences now wants to make exactly that possible. The ship “Villa Vie Odyssey” is scheduled to set sail in England in May 2024 – and then sail around the world for an impressive three and a half years. What sounds like a real lifelong dream to some people, however, causes discomfort for others. The reason: It is not the first record-breaking cruise that the founder of the project is planning.

Just a few weeks ago he had to cancel the longest cruise ever planned as managing director of "Life at Sea Cruises". Instead of leaving in November 2023 as planned, the fully booked cruise, which was scheduled to last three years, was canceled without further ado because no suitable ship could be found. However, since the shipping company made this decision shortly beforehand, a number of passengers were already in Istanbul, where the ship was supposed to leave.

But some of them didn't just have to worry about getting home - they simply no longer had a home to return to. The plan was to spend the next three years at sea. Instead, they were now left with nothing. The shipping company wants to repay the money already paid by February 2023. After the failure of the first attempt, the former managing director now wants to start a second one - with his own company.

This time everything should be different. In any case, there is already a ship. The 30-year-old steamer has space for a total of 924 passengers. Before we get started, it will be adapted to the requirements of a long cruise. Founder Mikael Petterson told the Washington Post that it was more of a lifestyle than a vacation: "It's a continuous cruise that never really ends."

And because the ship is intended to become a new home for the passengers, not only simple cabins are offered, but real apartments and villas. There will be a total of 485 living spaces that can either be rented or purchased. The cheapest interior cabin is available for a mere 90,000 euros, excluding additional costs of around 1,600 euros per month for double occupancy. You can rent a corresponding cabin from 80 euros per night and person.

What may sound like a pensioner's paradise at first glance is not necessarily only worth considering for pensioners, says the founder. He also designed the infrastructure on the residential ship to meet the needs of digital nomads. And it is not necessarily necessary to stay on board for the entire three and a half years. If you have less time, you can come on board for just one stage of 35 to 120 days. In addition to the usual amenities of a cruise such as restaurants, bars and shops, passengers will also have a medical center, a library and a fitness studio.

Petterson is convinced that the multi-year cruise will work this time. And then he wants to follow up with a new ship if everything goes well. Not everyone believes that yet. When the ship actually leaves Southampton in May, the plan is to travel through Europe, then continue on to Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. After three and a half years they want to have traveled through 147 countries and docked in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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